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CNC plasma cutting machine:heavy gantry plasma cutter,portable plasma cutter,table style plasma cutting machine,pipe tube plasma cutter
good pice metal laser cutting machine:1000W/2000W/3000W fiber generator Raycus,max or IPG with automatic focus laser head
CNC Router:3 axis cnc router machine,4 axis cnc router,5 axis cnc router woodworking cnc router and metal mould cnc milling machine
Digital flatbed cutter:cnc carton box cutting with creasing;flatbed vinyl cutter;CNC Gasket Cutting Machine with Oscillating Knife Cutter
CNC machinery consumables/accessories inlcudes Nozzles,electrodes and plasma cutting torch.

Jinan allwin cnc machinery Co., Ltd.

CNC metal cutting equipment China Manufacturer

 We have been focusing on the metal solutions industries with CNC metal cutting equipment design, manufacturing,our products includes a number of CNC machinery fields such as:CNC plasma cutter,fiber laser cutting machine,CNC consumables Nozzles,CNC router,laser welding machine and laser cleanning machine

its perfect company to partner with.

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Custom Service CNC plasma cutter with oxy-fuel cutting at best price.providing heavy gantry plasma cutting machine,CNC table plasma.

The portable laser cutter, produced by Jinan Allwin CNC Machinery, is the latest model in laser cutting technology. This machine features compact packaging size, lightweight design, low operating costs, easy maintenance, and outstanding cost-effectiveness. Its price rivals that of Hypertherm plasma cutting machines.

Die-making materials and packaging and printing materials.for example corrugated paper, grey cardboard, KT board

Die-making materials and packaging and printing materials.for example corrugated paper, grey cardboard, KT board

Custom CNC router machine any size at good price with fast professional technical support.
Woodworking CNC router,Stone CNC router.

The Allwin CNC laser welding machine is a simple-to-operate, pollution-free welding equipment. It provides strong and smooth welds. When welding thin workpieces, there is no need for welding wire.

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Your Reliable CNC Cutting Equipment Supplier

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Support customized service

we have excellent design team to design and manufacture various products according to customer requirements&Support OEM and ODM

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Fast delivery

with guarantee timely delivery except for non-force majeure factors. for some stock products delivery time could be 3 days from receipt of advance payment. For some customized machinery,we need 25 days to finish delivery.

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strong service team

Faster response speed..we have engineer who can speak case any clients had problem when operate machine than message us online we will guild you step by step till machine could work perfectly.

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Higher Cost-efficiency Machine

we have a huge sales volume, we have strictly cost control according to the different demand with quality control department. Therefore, our products will be more competitive strength at price and performance compared to other suppliers.

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One-stop service

We will advice complete set of consumables for cnc machinery equipment like Nozzles electrodes,laser source,laser head and plasma source with plasma gun or torch. We have very professional sales staff and experienced engineers offering reliable solution according to your requirement.

1. Stable running processing

2.High cutting precision 

3.Clean smooth cutting surface&Narrow slotting 0.1mm-0.2mm cutting speed:depends on metal material and fiber laser generator.

5.lower electricity consumption

6.Easy operation/maintance

7.Lower noisy,clean work;No environmental pollution


1.High cost-effective: lower investment with high return option for medium thickness from 10mm-50mm

3.Fast speed than traditional cutting method. cuts lots of different metal material 


What thickness of metal sheet?

what size of metal sheet?What material do you cut?


Strictly control quality

Strict quality control

With fine fitting parts and advanced techniques, our products expand stably, in the fields of furniture making, decorations, arts and crafts, advertisements, woodworking, metal fabrication, mold making, apparel. With superior performance-to-price ratio, high quality, and perfect post-sales service, the market share of our products expands unceasingly. We will unceasingly develop and innovate with our full enthusiasm, to carry forward our brand to our users.Owing to customers are satisfied with quality standard and service supporting.we could obtain continuously purchasing orders again and again.


This is our second purchase order 3015 Fiber laser cutting machine 3000W Our first purchase was in 2018 year it was CNC Plasma cutting machine with oxygen attached. Here we are very grateful for their team..we don’t know anything about fiber laser cutter.their manual book is very detailed plus its Jack guilded me through Wechat.Finally we could use this machine. However,2 moths ago,owing to my carelessness,Raytools head hit on metal strongly than It always make noisy and can not finish focus as before.Its them suggested me to send back it to them As soon as possible because within 2 years warranty. and they helped me to repair well. I did not pay anything for repairing it,i did not pay air cost.
Anyway two machines works perfectly now in my workshop.
Allwin CNC Testmional 01
Don Vasusirisak
from Thailand
I have cooperated with allwin CNC for 4 years. 4 years ago,I knew nothing about CNC machine,its them helped me solve problem quickly when i have techical problem with my customers. Slowly i received lots of trust in Algeria the moment,i became big distributor in my market. their team is very professional.they give us very good clearing paper upon L/C terms, so that i never had any problem with our custom officers. It is my lucky to meet Ms Amy. its me made video when unload my container cnc portable palsma pls check link.
Allwin CNC Testimonial 02
We have a middle size metal fabricate workshop especially to stainless steel pipe cutting works..after talking with other suppliers in china,All they suggested me to buy plate and tube integrated fiber laser cutting machine.but they are very expensive.its far from my budget. Afterwards,i bought pipe plasma cutter with 400mm diameter capacity from ALLWIN CNC machinery.they suggested me 200A huayuan plasma generator with water spray torch..our stainless steel pipe is 15mm maximum. This water spray torch could help me to remove slag inside of pipe because of having water come out during cutting so it makes stainless steel looks very clean. Below link is from my workshop.
Allwin CNC Testmional 03
Bryan Ross
from Australia

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