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1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W with continuous laser source or pulse laser source with 100W/200W/300W

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what is handheld portable laser welding machine?

Hand-held fiber laser welding machine is a new generation of laser welding equipment.

Its welding way is non-contact its the operation process does not need air pressure its working principle for laser welding machine is the high energy intensity of the laser beam directly irradiated on the surface of the material, through the interaction between laser beam and metal material.

So that interaction made the material internal get melted, and then cooling crystallization formed welding joints.

According to ifferent require for material thickness to decide how power of laser source. Generally speaking. 1000W1/1500W/2000W/3000W is more popular.

what is handheld laser cleaning machine

A laser cleaning machine is an Eco-friendly power cleaning tools for surface treatment with handheld laser cleaning gun with CNC controller 

Laser cleaning system uses the high heat energy of the laser beam to act on the surface of the object to instantly evaporate or peel off the dirt, rust or coating on the surface, so as to achieve a clean, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and efficient industrial tool, and gradually replace the traditional chemical cleaning method, mechanical cleaning method, and ultrasonic cleaning method. It can quickly remove paint, rust, oxides, coating, oil stains.

Laser Welding Machine Products

wobble laser welding gun  with automatic feeding wire working on T-joint way

Laser welding machine

handle welding fiber laser head working on butt joint way.welding capacity is very strong

handheld laser welding machine

Allwin CNC Machinery laser welding workshop

how work handheld portable laser welding machine?

how work for laser cleaning machine?

advantage of portable fiber laser welding machine?why?

Previously fixed optical path way is replaced slowly by portable hand-held fiber laser machine .

1)its more flexible,convient move and supporting long distance so that overcome the limitation of workbeanch space.2)smaller area of heat effected caused by fiber laser welding without deformation looks very clean and beautiful.3)welding deepth is deep,melting enough so that welding capacity is strong and firm..overall,welding joint is smaller4)supporting multi-method:spot welding/butt welding/overlapping welding/sealing welding/seam welding etc.

it could weld the workpiece of various complex welds and the irregular shape of large workpieces angles.

 Traditional welding MIG/TIGHandheld laser welding machine 
welding speed  common  4-8 faster 
heat affected zone large small
deformation large small 
bond strength with base material common Excellent 
subsequent processing polish No or very little polish 
consumables any little 
operation difficulty complicated simple
operator safetynot safesafe
impact on enviroment pollutional enviromental
adjustable spot width NO yes 
welding quality contrastBadExcellent 
adjustable welding modeNosix mode

What type of laser welding for handheld fiber laser welding machine

Butt joint /lap joint/T-joint/Flange joint/Linear weld/Circular radial weld/Circular axial Weld.

laser welding type

how to choose right portable fiber laser machine?why?

Along with the rapid development of the laser industry, there are various brands of laser welding machine on the market, the quality is endless variety .

So most of buyers does not know how to purchase right laser welding machine. we would like to share some information to help you so that you don’t need waste your money or your time.

1)First, confirm whether Your workpieces is suitable for laser welding maching

ask laser welding machine manufacturers to provide free proofing sample services, we must test samples before purchasing. so that to confirm whether the laser welding machine can meet your own requirements. 

2) What power for fiber laser generator should we know?1000W or 1500W or 2000W?

Laser source is the most of important parts for laser welding equipment.

The  higher power will cost higher price and  different power of fiber laser source require different cooling system.

Generally speaking, bigger power will have deeper depth of welding. of course, the different price is bigger.

Here we need remind all users that choose right power of laser source for your work..Don’t choose over large  power to avoid unnecessaries waste. excessive laser power will blacken materials

Some people like more foreign brand like IPG Band laser and Your budget is enough higher than go aheed with oversea brand fiber welding laser source. Here we want to emphasize our china own brand Max or Raycus.

with laser techology developed so many years china laser source already reached interntional standards. So if your budget is smaller so china laser welding generator is the most best choice.

3) what about laser welder head?

laser welder head is core parts of whole fiber laser welder. it effects the welding surface from the role of laser output sides.

At present,There are two type of hand-held welding head on the market. Single-pendulum welding head and Double-pendulum welding head..

Single pendulum welding head has one scan motor indside whse laser mode is  point and line segment.

The double pendulum welding head has X,Y axis double scanning motor,it support 6 working mode; Point and line

circle,traingle,double triangle espeicially triangular working mode make welding strength update a lot..

4)Cooling system–water cooler

the most popular for Hand-held fiber laser welding machine is 1000W,1500W,2000W.

The cooling system is for Continous fiber laser generator and IQB output head and hand-held welding head.

the cooling effects or the precision of temperature control directly affects the working efficiency of laser output components.

5)Control circuit stability: including switching power,relay and other electricity contactor.


 4) What about after-sales service?do they have professional engineer team?can they answer you quickly?are they patient with you?

We always receive email or online message that my laser machine does not work or without laser light come out..what should we do?i asked them why dont you contact with your supplier?they said that they does not answer us at all.and they would like to pay service to us beg us to help them out..

LOOK. you must find a supplier who could be patient with you&could give you nice technology support all times.

We hope above information we are shariing could help you if you are going to buy hand-heald fiber laser welding machine.if you have any question or problem than feel free to contact with us

fiber welding capacity for Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine


Stainless Steel


Carbon Steel


Galanized sheet








Stainless Steel


Carbon Steel


White Galanized sheet







Stainless Steel


Carbon Steel


White Galanized sheet



1.7-2.5 mm



standard configuration of Fiber laser welding/cleaning machine?

Fiber Laser source: Adopting famous brands (Raycus/JPT/Max. And Germany IPG) the photoelectric conversion rate is greatly improved, laser power is enhanced, has better welding effect, can according to the needs of customers with different configurations to meet customer needs.

industrial water chiller: one of the biggest convenience of the machine is the insdie water chiller and it make equipment have constant temperature. its water capacity is 2P.

With Compressor could cool down firber laser quickly to ensure that the fiber laser has stable power and efficient and fast operation. if without water or the water flows in opposite direction then No laser come out. 

Water chiller prolong life of fiber laser generator.

handheld portable laser welding
2000W raycus laser welding

Stable laser gun with 150 width/200width for option

laser cleaning gun

ntelligent Handheld Welding Head

laser welding gun

Automatic wire feeder device

The wire could irregular shapes,improves welding quality.


auotmaitc wire feeder device for laser welding
components for fiber welding machine
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