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CNC Plasma cutting machine is a cutter machine that uses plasma or use flame cutting technology to process metal materials.

CNC plasma cutters is very Easy to operate and make machine cut very clean improved its cutting precision at same time prelong consumables life.

The principle of the plasma cutting machine is to use the energy of the high-temperature plasma arc to melt.the metal part at the incision of the workpiece, and use  kinetic energy of the high-speed plasma to remove the metal slag to form an incision.Plasma arc cutting has been widely used in various engineering construction, manufacturing and other industries due to its high cutting efficiency, low loss.Why choose our CNC Plasma cutter?Arc voltage control;Torch collision protection;Initial torch height control;Flexibility different cutting mode plasma mode or oxygen gas cutting mode;different brand plasma generator at very competitive price.                                                                  

CNC Plasma Cutter Specifications1
CNC Plasma Cutter Specifications2

Technical Parameters for CNC plasma cutter


Allwin cnc

Plasma  Types

Portable plasma,Table plasma,H Beam plasma,pipe plasma cutter

Plasma Powers

80A, 100A, 120A, 200A, 300A,400A


1.5M*3M,2M*3M,2000mm*4M,2M*6M,3M*8M Customized

Cutting Materials   

Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, Carbon Steel, Spring Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Alloy, Iron


Cars, motorcycles, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, nuclear industry, general  machinery, engineering machinery, steel structure, shipbuilding, School Education, Small Businesses, Home Business, Small Shop, Home Shop, Hobbyists.

Price Range

$1200.00 – $22,000.00

1. Compressed air enters the cutting torch, and then divides into two paths to form plasma gas and auxiliary gas respectively. The plasma gas arc functions to melt the metal, while the auxiliary gas cools the various parts of the torch and removes the molten metal residue.

2. The cutting power supply includes two parts: the main circuit and the control circuit. The main circuit is used for the power required for plasma cutting. The control circuit is to complete the entire cutting process control.

3. The power supply of the main circuit is controlled by the contactor; the on-off of the gas is controlled by the solenoid valve; the control circuit controls the high-frequency oscillator to ignite the arc, and stops the high-frequency operation after the arc is successfully ignited. 

what is a plasma cutter machine used for?

Plasma cutting machine is a cutting method that uses high-energy plasma arc to locally melt (and evaporate) the metal at the incision of the workpiece to form an incision. Therefore, the main function of the plasma cutting machine is to cut various types of metal.

This metal cutting machine is widely used in shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, motorcycle manufacturing companies, pressure vessel manufacturing industries, chemical machinery industries, nuclear industry enterprises, general machinery industries, engineering machinery, various steel structure processing and other industries.

Due to the low price and good cutting effect of plasma cutting machine, it is also loved by small and medium companies and individuals in metal processing, including education and training industry, handicraft manufacturing, mold manufacturing, various metal model processing and welding business.

allwin cnc Plasma Cutter Used For

what materials can cut with a plasma cutter?

The range of plasma cutting materials is very wide, almost all metal materials can be cut, especially it effectively solves the problem that oxygen cutting can not cut stainless steel and non-ferrous materials, especially for non-ferrous metals, it can cut various types of steel , Including carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, galvanized sheet; also can cut aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, strontium, barium, lead, zinc, tin, cobalt, nickel, antimony, mercury , Cadmium, bismuth, gold, silver and other metals;

what thickness does plasma cutter cut?

The thickness of the steel that the plasma cutting machine could cut is mainly restricted by the plasma power

it means that what thickness of metal sheet could cut depends on plasma source.

 Different brands of plasma power supplies have different cutting thickness and effects. 

The bigger power of the plasma generator has bigger cutting capacity. Of course,its price is higher.

considering of Economic or cost-effective budget for CNC plasma cutting machine.

It is better to use flame( oxy-fuel)to cut more thicker metal material 70mm to 200mm.

Because of the cutting effect of steel over 100mm, the cutting effect of CNC flame cutting machine is better

and CNC flame cutting machine can effectively cut Carbon steel from 6mm to 200mm

and professional use flame cutting torch could work its  thickness within 300mm.

Here this parameter for cuting thickness came from different power for your reference.


how much is a plasma cutter?

The price of plasma cutting machine is affected by its configurations with its components.

so there are lots of different price 

 the price of plasma cutting machine is generally between $1200 and $22000.

Different requirements and different environments have different requirements for the configuration of plasma cutting machines. 

How to choose? Please select the specific working environment, the required cutting accuracy, the cutting material, the material thickness, the cutting effect, the verticality, Factors such as cooling method, smoke treatment method, etc. inform the sales staff, and then determine the final configuration list and price.

Of course, if the capital budget is relatively sufficient, you can choose a better configuration.

  only cnc plasma not including plasma source
 Model Minimum price Maximum price
single drive Portable plasma cutter 1530US$1,000.00US$1,060.00
light heavy plasma cutter 2040US$1,820.00US$2,000.00
table style plasma cutter 1530US$4,400.00US$5,480.00
heavy gantry plasma cutter 4080US$6,000.00US$9,000.00
table plasma cutting with round pipe US$6,820.00US$8,800.00

how to choose right plasma cutter from us

Our machines are suitable for different industries and different working environments. Some environments require frequent movement of cutting equipment. If the cutting equipment is often moved and the cutting accuracy requirements are not too high, you can choose a portable cutting machine. 

1.What thickness of your metal plate?

telling us what thickness of your metal sheet you often cut so that we advice you what power of plasma source.

63A,120A,200A,300A,400A is most hot sales in the market so far.

2.what working size do you need?

working size depends on metal sheet so that we can provide right cnc machinery style at affordable price.

Normally speaking 1500mm*3000mm or 2000mm*4000mm or 3000mm*6000mm or custom size

3.What is your approximate budget?

we have lots of different CNC structure plasma machine at different price according to different filed of use.

gantry plasma cutting machine/Table plasma cuting machine/Portable alumimum plasma cutter/Desktop plasma cutter/ you need oxygen gas attached?

More and more customers prefer adding oxy-fuel torch from plasma cutting machine.However,they don’t use it all. you cut pipe?if yes is it square pipe or round pipe?What profile size for pipe?

 Square pipe cutting machine is much more expensive than Round pipe cutting machine. because of Square pipe cutting machine use different controlling system from Round pipe machine.

Please provide the diameter of the pipe and the pipe cutting environment. To determine the type of plasma pipe cutting machine. 

How to choose a plasma power supply

In order to achieve a good cutting effect and continuous work requirements, 

it is necessary to correctly select the power supply of the plasma cutting machine.

The plasma cutting machine is selected according to the thickness of commonly used cutting materials. 

It is not wise to select the plasma source power supply according to the maximum cutting thickness 

Generally, the maximum cutting thickness indicated by the manufacturer in the product introduction refers to the limit cutting of the model under the condition of standard voltage input Thickness, this selection will bring unsatisfactory and uneconomical results. 

The correct selection should be one type larger than the maximum cutting thickness; 

for example, when you need to cut stainless steel plates with a thickness of 30mm in large quantities, 

do not choose a plasma power supply with a maximum cutting thickness of 30mm, 

but choose a plasma power supply with a maximum cutting thickness of 40mm , 

So as to achieve the ideal cutting effect and economic effect. 

In order to maximize cutting quality and work efficiency, we better choose a larger plasma power supply model to meet the needs.

The power supply of plasma cutting machine is selected according to the precision and perpendicularity of commonly used cutting materials. 

Different brands of plasma power supply are affected by the cutting material, material thickness, and the duration of continuous cutting, and their cutting effects will be different. 

Therefore, when choosing a plasma cutting machine power supply, please clarify the cutting accuracy and cutting perpendicularity. 

The higher the accuracy requirement, the more expensive the plasma power supply. 

if you like good price for plasma source  than choose China brand.

 China brand plasma source(plasma generator)can meet the cutting accuracy requirements of most customers.

 what are plasma cutter consumables?how to extend life ?

 the consumable parts are: electrode, nozzle, protective cap, vortex ring, fixed cover, central water pipe, Cutting torch.


The plasma cutting machine has many consumable parts. please click it.

What type of consumables parts do you need depends on your plasma source.

plasma cutter consumables or accessories especially to Nozzles or electrodes are demand in large quanties.

so how to extend their life is very important issue for each user.please check tips to help you out.


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