Flatbed Cnc Plotter Cutting Machine With Oscillating Knife

what is CNC digital plotter cutting machine?what is for?

automatic digital cutting machines and CNC knife cutters or affordable cutting plotters and digital knife cutting tables for flexible materials, including vinyl, cardboard, fabric, textile, paper, leather, die, stencil, dieboard, foam, plastic, gasket, rubber, cork, carpet, felt, flexible polymers

Automatic digital cutting machine (also known as CNC knife cutting machine) is a type of automated precision cutting system with CNC (Computer Number Controlled) controller which is used for high-precision cutting of heavier flexible and semi-rigid materials. CNC digital cutting table is carried on the multi-tool cutting head-vibration knife, oblique knife, circular knife, punching knife, milling knife, punch roller and marking pen. CCD camera and projector are optional for more different material works.

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Intelligent Flatbed Automatic CNC Digital Box
Intelligent Flatbed Automatic CNC Digital Box
CNC flatbed plotter cutting machine

CNC flatbed plotter cutting machine has many different attached like oscillating knife/circular knife/milling knife;punch roller and marking pen;CCD camera and big projector.

1.Oscilllating knife is working on hardness material like cardboard;foam and cork/plastic/rubber vinyl

2.Circular knife is for texile material like sofa/curtain/car pad/leather/fabric leather

3.punch roller(creasing roller)is for carton box 

4.CCD camera is used for scan colorful pattern on materials then help knife cut along with its line..

5.projector is used for leather works.

parameter for digital flatbed cutting machine

Model: 9060/1313/2516/3312/customized made
Category: Digital flatbed cutting machine 
working area 1300mm*1300mm/2500mm*1600mm/3300mm*13000mm/Customized size

viration knife(oscillation knife)

circular knife(round knife/rotary knife)

obilique knife(V-cut)

marking pen punching roller(round punching/V-punching/optional)

milling knife

drag knife 

penumatic knife 

projector and camera optional

material gasket,fabric,leather,carpet,EVA,SKIN,cardboard,corrugated cardboard,carpat,cushion,PVC board,car sticker,reflective film,sponges, rugs, EVA, PU, XPE, PP, PE, PVC, ETFE, PTFE and composites.
multi-functional tools  Vibrating knife full cutting; High power active round knife ;Camera positioning cutting Edge; finding cutting Cursor;positioning Drawing line mark
Price Range:  $5000.00 to $20000.00 / Set According to Configurations
fixed mode  flatbed table or autmoatic feeding table for option with 9KW vaccum pump
software Automatic nesting software Leather identification Cardboard entry software

CNC flatbed full cutting high power Vibrating knife with optional V cuts/round knife/camera positioning cutting edge/Pneumatic knife/Vibrating knife full cutting edge finding cutting cursor.

vibrating knife full cutting high power active round knife

multi-functional tools for option:

Camera positioning cutting edge finding cutting cursor;

postitioning drawing line mark;

digital flatbed cutting machine with osicllating knife                   Fabric flatbed cutting machine with Projector

Digital plotter cutter 2516 1
Oscillating knife with V cuts
Digital flatbed cutter with Guild rails
intelligent controller

projects for CNC Oscillating Tangential Knife Cutting.

Cutting material
Honeycomb paperboard, corrugated paper, plastic corrugated paper, gray board paper, cardboard, stickers, film, fiber composite materials, artificial leather, cloth, PU, rubber sheet, gasket, pearl cotton, fiberboard,vinyl sticker and other materials,
 fabric, banner, woven knitted textile, inflatable pvc, canvas, polyester, elastic fabric, upholstery, garment,
leather, sheep shearing flannel, UV textile, carbon fiber, aramid, glass fiber, streamer banner, flag fabrics, light proof fabrics and other kind of textiles.

die cut carton box with Oscillation Tools Cutting 

Die Cut Carton Plans mac

Felt Cutting Projects with oscillation tools 

Felt Cutting Projects with CNC Oscillating Knife Cutter

Genuine leather with cirular knife

genuine leather with Round knife

EVA foam tray or Vinyl material with oscillation knife

Oscillating Knife Cutting Machine for EVA Foam Tray Projects

package and delivery for digital flatbed cutting machine

All of our export machinery and equipment adopt standard plywood boxes after high temperature and high pressure treatment. The boxes meet the inspection standards of the United States and the European Union; the transportation method can be transported by plane, ship, or train according to customer requirements..
We have our own long-term cooperation transportation company, which will give us more favorable prices and feasible suggestions in transportation prices, which will minimize the customer’s freight expenses, and there will never be overcharges.

package for digital flatbed machine cutting machn

International Shipping Around the World

All of our cutting machines can be sent to all parts of the world by sea, air, international expFEDEX, UPS, etc. You are welcome to feedback your needs and we can provide you with the most timely and accurate freight quotation, as well as the most timely and reliable service

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