combined laser welding and cleaning machine

3 in 1 fiber laser cleaning/welding/cutting machine

Hot sales 3 in 1 fiber laser machine(Combined laser welding and cleaning machine) means there are 3 functions switch among cleanning rust mode,welding mode and cutting mode through control system or change accessories parts on laser head.

Handheld metal welder/cleanning rust machine is with portable and compact design for both indoor and outdoor welding tasks. It uses high-power Raycus, Max Photonics, or JPT CW fiber laser from 1000W to 2000W for stainless steel, aluminum, steel and galvanized sheet, etc.

This laser equipment(combined laser welding and cleaning machine) is multi-functional laser works:

This Multi-works 3 in 1 laser cleanning/laser welding machine is widely used in lots of different industries,

 including ships, auto repair, rubber molds, high-end machine tools, train rails.

technical parameter for fiber laser cleaning/laser welder/laser cutter

No.continous style laser generator  2000WHandheld style 3 function in one machine 
combined laser welding and cleaning machine
6Cooling Modewater cooling 
7touch screen control panel Welding,cleaning,cutting mode with multi-language
8Gas source0.2MPA(Argon)
9Aiming and Positionning system Red point 
10Laser Pulse Frequency1-20HZ
11Pulse Width0.1-20ms
12Adjusted spot range0.1-3mm
13Minimum Welding pool0.1mm
14Working Voltage3phrase AC380V/50HZ  
15Package size(L*W*H)162CM *90CM *160CM 
16Collimating focal length50CM
17Clean width0-15CM

Standard Configuration of 3 in 1 laser cleaning/laser welder/laser cutter

FWH20 Wobble handheld welding head+ Control system including cleaning function

we also called combined 

 it has two modes of cleaning and welding, which can be flexibly switched.

Purpose-built nozzles tips for various weld joint types and pre and post weld cleaning applications

The operation of cleaning modes is similar to wobbling. FWH20 wobble laser gun provides a wider scanning distance and provids up to 15mm of cleaning using the high-frequency pulsed beam.

Light shape, economic deign,it offers so much welding convenience for welding.

Intelligent Single Pendulum Handheld Welding Head, 

the swinging width can be set maximum 5mm. 

Welding + cleaning + cutting mode could be converted via touch screen.

Continuous laser cleaning function

Continuous laser technology has been widely used for cutting and welding steel and cleaner 

Continuou fiber laser cleanning machine is widely used for metal materials.

such as rust removal/paint removal/stain removal

Selective cleanning with precise position and precise size.

it does not use consumables,safety and environmental protection.

Continuous laser welding function

Continous laser welding machine with automatic feeder wire to get more high welding quality and faster speed.

FIber laser welding machine works more efficiency and lower maintenance cost than traditional welding machine.

laser welding use “wobbling”terms to describe handle-style laser welding equipment in hand. 

Wobbling could make position of light beam to be scanned over small distance.

using Wobbling function operator could set upto 5mm width melt poor. 

                             Relfar FWH20 double Wobble Gun welding,cutting,cleaning three-in-one function 

Ruida laser cleaning and welding head and confortable grip&the intelligent cleaning and welding head with temperature monitoring can monitor protective lens and avoid early warning of damage.

Temperature monitoring indicator for Felfar FWH20:double protect lens,and one fous lens for the welding head

When Any one of them is dirty the indicator light alarm and the machine will stop emitting laser.

FWH20 Wobble handheld welding head

install welding nozzles and welding focus lens for welding works              install cleaning lens and cleaning tools for clean works

Relfar FWH20 Single Wobble Gun
Relfar FWH20 Single Wobble Gun Welding, Cutting, Cleaning three-in-one

so,wether you removing rust on parts or removing soot it allows you to achieve that without grinding or chemicals.
switching from the welding to the cleaning function only nozzles switch-out and mode selection.

so task takes less than 30 secnds(below photo for your reference)


 Touch Screen Control Panel: Easy to operate, interactive control system expand the tolerance range and welding width of the processing parts, have processing library for different metal material and thickness.Support Russian, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic Language. Support welding, cleaning, cutting. 

Touch Screen Control Panel:

Combined laser welding and cleaning machine, adopts continuous laser source various brands avaliable;fast speed;

small heat affectived area;high welding quality.

with industrial water cooler constant temperature chiller,dust proof,anti-dew;rapid cooling to make sure constant of laser equipment

portable laser welding machine
2000W raycus laser welding

samples for combined cleaning and welding machine

                        Cleaning samples for combined cleaning and welding machine

                             claning samples for rust handheld laser cleaning system

cleaning works for combined laser welding and cleaning

                                      welding samples for combined cleaning and welding machine(handheld laser welding machine)

welding samples for combined laser cleaning and laser welding

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package and delivery for our cnc plasma cutter

All of our export machinery and equipment adopt standard plywood boxes after high temperature and high pressure treatment. The boxes meet the inspection standards of the United States and the European Union; the transportation method can be transported by plane, ship, or train according to customer requirements.
We have our own long-term cooperation transportation company, which will give us more favorable prices and feasible suggestions in transportation prices, which will minimize the customer’s freight expenses, and there will never be overcharges.


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