laser cleaning machine

what is laser cleaning machine?why choose it?

Laser cleaning has rapidly replaced some of the more traditional methods such as dry-ice blasting, pressure washing, or media blasting, due to the numerous benefits that it provides.

fiber laser cleaner
Hot Sale oil stain Cleaner
Hot Sale oil stain Cleaner
fiber laser cleaner
Hot Sale oil stain Cleaner
Hot Sale oil stain Cleaner
what is ATC cnc router?

On the market for the cnc woodworking machinery at present, there are two kinds of woodworking machining centers,  carousel automatic tool changer cnc router and linear automatic tool changer(linear Auto change cnc router) 

here we call them ATC cnc router

ATC cnc router improve working efficiency and saving labor cost and improve 

What different between Linear Automatic tool changer cnc router and Carousel tool change cnc router?

The price of straight row knife processing center(ATC linear cnc router) is much cheaper than carousel ATC cnc router


Category:4 aixs cnc router with auto tool changer
Views:  C axis-180 degree rotated spindle with Rotary axis cylinder works
Brand:allwin cnc
customized working area can be customzied according to customer request
Standard Price: $9985.00 / Set
Price Range: $1230.00 to $18000.00 / Set According to Configurations
Supply Ability: 150 Sets / Month In stock! From – Jinan allwin cnc machinery co.,ltd
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C

Features for aTC CNC ROUTER 4 axis rotary axis

X axis working area1300MM
Y Axis working area2500MM
Z axis 500MM(400MM) or customized according to request
Motor and driveYaskwa servo motor 
4th Rotay axis diameter=300mm with long=2000mm
table surfaceT-slot with vacum table combined or only T-slot for option
spindleHSD ATC spindle 12.0KW with 180 degree
Structure for cnc machine bedWelded frame
       X,Y.Z structureX,Y,transmission is HIWIN 25 square guild rails
Y axis Xinyue Helical rack and gear 
Z axis TBI ball screw
Power Source3 Phrase AC380V
Spindle powerChina HQD9.0KW with air cooler  18000RPM
Dust collector5.50KW
Z sensor automatic 
Electrical componentsCHINT
controller systemSyntec 6MB
machine size 3300mm*2200mmx1700mm
lathe structure steel pipe welding lathe bed
oiling system automatic oiling system
materialwood,Acylic and foam board
laser cleaning gun
laser welding gun

why use 4 axis cnc router with automatic tool changer

Our ATC cnc router use square tube welding structure bed,which has the chrateristics of good ragidity,High precision with quite running.

Our Carousel Auto Tool Change CNC Router or Linear ATC cnc router  is equipped with Japanese YASKAWA servo motor. It is able to run with low noise, high speed and high accuracy. We adopt italy HSD automatic tool changer spindle in order to makes the machine with high precision, long service time and stable movement. 

The Taiwan linear guide rail with high precision is heavy loading and durable.

Why choose 4 Axis CNC router with automatic tool changer?

Our auto tool change cnc router Linear style or Carousel style equipped with japanese Yaskawa servo motor and drive with Taiwan SYNTEC control system that is why our ATC cnc router works long life and its change tools speed is faster and very quiet running 

 the auto tool sensor enables ATC cnc router compensate the tolerance of the tool length. 

All our woodworking cnc machinery will equipment with strong dust collector to ensure site cleanliness during the machine operation. 

 All our woodworking cnc router provides automatic lubricating system to have easy maintenance for guild rails and reduce noisy.

Excellent control system with professional parameter make our 4 axis cnc router with auto tool changer or other wood cnc machinery works very faster compared to other CNC machinery from other suppliers.

working table for 4 axis ATC cnc router 

there are two different processing table for woodworking cnc type is T-Slot aluminum table without automatic sunction function.end user has to use clamp to fix working pieces(working material).its advantage is better fto fix smaller material. for example solid mould or Car mould or clock mould or foam material.

Another table is vacuum suction worktable(adsorption table)with 7.5 vaccum pump or 11KW pump..

vacuum pump has air cooled or water cooled..water cooled has strong suction capacity at cheaper price.However.its package is bigger plus maintaince process is complicated especially to customers from cold countries.

Vacuum pump with air cooled has very small package,don’t need maintaince for it.that is why air cooled vacuum pump are more pouplar than western customers.

Applications industries for 4 axis cnc router with auto tool changer

Advertising industry: Advertising signs, logo making, decorative products, production of advertising and avariety of wood works or Acylic woods and other non-metal materils.

Suitable for cabinet, flat door opening, molding door engraving, milling type.C Rotary Axis: 180 degree. 

our 4 axis ATC cnc router with automatic tool changer is suitable for small and medium sized printing and packing industries 

Subjects of 4 axis cnc router with automatic tool changer 

4 aixs cnc router
package and delivery for woodworking cnc machinery

To keep away moisture from sea transportation.we need pack whole machine with plastic film 

we put machine into wooden case.

wooden case cnc machine

International Shipping Around the World

All of our CNC machinery can be sent to all parts of the world by sea, air, international expFEDEX, UPS, etc. You are welcome to feedback your needs and we can provide you with the most timely and accurate freight quotation, as well as the most timely and reliable service

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