Kaliburn Plasma Nozzles

kaliburn plasma nozzles consumable

The Kaliburn plasma nozzles that Jinan allwin cnc machinery can produce and sell are: 277122, 277125, 277284, 277293, 277289, 277269; these nozzles can be used to cut stainless steel ,carbon steel.aluminum,copper.

Our lincoln plasma nozzles have a long service life. The kaliburn plasma nozzles of Jinan allwin cnc machinery use high-quality materials and high-standard processes to ensure reliable product quality. Our Kaliburn plasma spare parts have reached the quality standard of the original product OEM;

Our Lincoln plasma nozzles are too cheap; The Lincoln plasma spare parts plasma nozzles, as consumables, will increase a lot of cost when used in a large amount. Our Kaliburn nozzles can greatly reduce the cost of use for enterprises with a large amount of use;

lincoln plasma cutter Nozzles spare parts

277122Nozzle, Mild Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel 50A50 A4.1
277125Nozzle,  Mild Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel , 70A70A4.1
277284Nozzle, Mild Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel , 100A100 A3.3
277293Nozzle, Mild Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel , 150A150 A3.3
277289Nozzle, Mild Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel ,  200A200 A3.3
277269Nozzle, Mild Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel , 275A275 A3.3

Kaliburn Plasma Nozzle Consumable

277284 kaliburn plasma nozzle

277284 lincoln consumable Nozzle

277122 Plasma Cutting Cutter Torch nozzle

277122 Nozzle

277289 plasma Nozzle

277289 plasma Nozzle

277125 Plasma Cutting Cutter Torch nozzle

277289 Plasma Cutting Cutter Torch nozzle

277269 lincoln nozzle

277269 lincoln nozzle

277293 Kaliburn nozzle

why short life for plasma cutter nozzles or electrodes?

Plasma cutter nozzles and elctrodes are extremly important consumbables for CNC plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutter accessories/Consumables kits directly determine its cutting precision.

on time replace them is very important to your work routine.

However,more and more customer complaints that why their life is so short?

1.the plasma cutting nozzles or electrodes you bought are lower-quality level.

More and more customer in order to save purchasing cost,they choose lower-quality at cheapest price 

being a professional supplier for cutting nozzles or electrodes Lower-quality spare parts not only will effect cutting surface 

looks bad with more slag but also break torch easier.please stop buying lower quality plasma cutter accessores.

2.Improper distance between plasma torch tip and metal sheet

correct distance should be 3mm-5mm. need check manual book according to diferent brand plasma source.

3.Different cutting material will effect use life of plasma cutter consumbles. brass or copper or aluminum will shorten life.

4.unstable compressed air supplying will shorten life of plasma cutter accessories.

5.Factors such as cutting process, material and thickness of workpiece, can affect the service life of plasma nozzle and plasma electrode.During the cutting process of the plasma cutting machine, the electrode nozzles consumed by ordinary carbon steel plate, stainless steel, cast iron and other workpiece materials are relatively small, but the consumption of copper and aluminum plates is relatively large. 

 In terms of cutting process, perforation cutting consumes more than twice as much nozzle as edge arc cutting.

 Therefore, when choosing the plasma power supply and cutting nozzle, it is necessary to select the plasma power supply with the appropriate power and the nozzle electrode with the matching current size and caliber size, so as to achieve the best cutting effect and service life. 


Package for Kaliburn plasma accessories/Consumables electrodes or nozzles

The packaging method of our Lincoln plasma  accessories nozzle electrode:
Single plastic box.in general, there are 5 pieces nozzles in single plastic box
usually 5 pieces in single plastic box,the minimum order quantity is 10 boxes (50 pieces).
In order to reduce unnecessary trouble, it is recommended to order the nozzle and electrode together.

because different nozzles and electrodes may not match.

p80 nozzle electrodes package
277289 plasma Nozzle
277289 plasma Nozzle

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delivery for Lincoln plasma consumables

All of our plasma cutter consumable accessories parts such as Kaliburn nozzles electrodes and orther spare parts can be sent to all parts of the world by sea, by air, international FEDEX, UPS, etc.
Because of long time cooperation with Fedex or UPS plus our export Qty is very big than they provide us very good price rate.
You are welcome to feedback your needs and we can provide you with the most timely and accurate freight quotation, as well as the most timely and reliable service

plasma nozzle Delivery and packaging

we here provide you one-stop solution for metal industries cnc machine at affordable price

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