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Thermal Dynamics Plasma Consumables Nozzle Electrode


Supplying large quantties Plasma consumables or laser consumables for your plasma cutting equipment or fiber laser equipment.espcially to OEM replacement HYPERTHERM/THERMAL DYNAMICS/TRAFIMET BRAND/KJELLBERG REPLACEMENT/ What is plasma consumables?it includes cutting nozzles/cutting electrodes/shield cap/Swirl ring/ Along with industrial technical growing fast,more and more CNC plasma cutting machine become subjects for metal fabriction works .Being a professional services for CNC metal cutting machine we could provide very convenient service.including techincal support for whole  completely machine and laser consumables or plasma consumables.

1. Larger stock with all kinds of models at very competitive price.

Everyone knows price for Original Thermal Dynamics accessories/consumable/cutting nozzles/cutting electrodes is very expensive.We are sure that our pricing is equal to 40% of original Thermal Dynamics torch parts but usage life or cutting quality is nearly 90% of original Thermal Dynamics torch accessories.

2.The Allwin plasma torch Parts consumables are suitable for Thermal Dynamics and The cutting torch accessories are cheap, especially suitable for customers or dealers who use a lot, which can reduce a lot of costs for you.

Thermal Dynamics  plasma consumables tips includes:cutting nozzles/cutting electrodes/shield cap/swirl ring/Retainning cap

3. The allwin plasma nozzle electrodes are made of high-quality materials, with advanced processing technology, high precision, and smooth and beautiful appearance.;We have received customer’s praise on Quality and price.

4. Our consumables, especially nozzles, electrodes, and protective caps have a relatively long service life and reliable cutting accuracy.

Oxygen-free copper as he material of electrodes with best quality Hafnium embedded.  The CuCrZr copper used in Nozzls and sheild has longer life.

All cutting accessories will be combinded well with cutting torch.

5.Thermal Dynamics plasma generator is more popular in the world.However,Original Thermal Dynamics torch consuambles keep raising price.Then contact us, we would give you competitive price with very good quality to replace these Thermal Dynamics plasma consuambles tips 

6. supply many top brand cutting consumables like Thermal dynamics/Hypertherm/LincoIn/kaliburn/P80/Trafimetat/ super competitive price with super quality level 

Fast shiping speed& best price rate with Fedex/DHL or other express courier 

Thermal Dynamics SL60/SL100 torch parts 100A

Product NameModel NO.Price(usd)
Sheild cap9-82398
Start Cartridge9-82131

for your reference for Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter accessories torch 

Replacement electrode 30A-120A Thermal 9-8215 suitable for Thermal Dynamics SL60/Sl100 plasma cutting torch.
Allwin Technologies/Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52 Electrode Pack (#9-8215)
Whether you just bought a brand new welding machine or just need replacement electrodes, Welders Supply Company has you covered.
This electrode is designed to fit the SL60 and SL100 torch for use at 30 to 120 amps.
With the proper upkeep and cleaning, your newly purchased Victor Technologies welding equipment will last for years.

why short life for plasma cutter nozzles or electrodes?

Plasma cutter nozzles and elctrodes are extremly important consumbables for CNC plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutter accessories/Consumables kits directly determine its cutting precision.

timely replace cutting nozzles or electrodes is very important to work routine.

However,more and more customer complaints that why their life is so short?

1.the plasma cutting nozzles or electrodes you bought are lower-quality level.

More and more customer in order to save purchasing cost,they choose lower-quality at cheapest price 

being a professional supplier for cutting nozzles or electrodes Lower-quality spare parts not only will effect cutting surface 

looks bad with more slag but also break torch easier.please stop buying lower quality plasma cutter accessores.

2.Improper distance between plasma torch tip and metal sheet

correct distance should be 3mm-5mm. need check manual book according to diferent brand plasma source.

3.Different cutting material will effect use life of plasma cutter consumbles. brass or copper or aluminum will shorten life.

4.unstable compressed air supplying will shorten life of plasma cutter accessories.



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Package for Thermal Dynamics plasma accessories/Consumables electrodes or nozzles

The packaging method of our Hypertherm plasma  accessories nozzle electrode:
Single plastic general, there are 10 pieces nozzles in single plastic box
usually 10 pieces in single plastic box
the minimum order quantity is 10 boxes (100 pieces).
In order to reduce unnecessary trouble, it is recommended to order the nozzle and electrode together.

because different nozzles and electrodes may not match.

p80 nozzle electrodes package
Thermal Dynamics - Start Cartridge,SL100 9-8213
Thermal Dynamics SL100 Plasma Torch 9-8215
Plasma Cut Tip nozzle 100A 9-8212

top sales Part No. for Thermal Dynamics plasma cutter consumables/accessories

Standoff Tip, For Plasma Cutter Model 1-1130-1, 1-1130-2, 1-1130-5, 1-1131-1, 1-1131-2, 1-1131-5, 1-1330-1, 1-1330-2, 1-1330-5, 1-1331-1, 1-1331-2, 1-1331-5, 1-1730-1, 1-1730-2, 1-1730-5, 1-1731-1, 1-1731-2, 1-1731-5, 1-5130-1, 1-5130-2, 1-5130-5, 1-5131-1, 1-5131-2, 1-5131-5, For Plasma Cutter Series Cutmaster 102, Cutmaster 152, Cutmaster 52, Cutmaster 82


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