4 AXIS CNC Router With Rotated Spindle

4 axis cnc router with rotated spindle
rotate cnc router 1325
Rotated spindle cnc router
4 axis cnc router with rotated spindle
rotate cnc router 1325
Rotated spindle cnc router

4 axis Rotated spindle cnc router

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Standard Price: $8050.00 / Set
Price Range: $7500 to $12000.00 / Set According to Configurations
Supply Ability: 150 Sets / Month In stock! From – Jinan allwin cnc machinery co.,ltd
CNC machinebest quality 4 AXIS CNC router with rotated spindle 
X,Y,Z, AWorking Area2500mmx1300
Z axis 400mm or 500mm
rotated spindle A axisrotate 180 Degree
Rotary axis B axis 350mm dialeter with length 2000mm
Table SurfaceIntegrated Vacuum And T-Slot Combined (Option: T-Slot Table)
FramePrecision Machined & Heavy Duty Frame (Stress-Relieved),One-Piece Steel Base
X, Y StructureRack And Pinion Drive, Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings
Z StructureHiwin Rail Linear Bearings And TBI Ball Screw
Max. Power Consumption(Without Spindle) 4.5Kw
Max. Rapid Travel Rate50000mm/Min
Max. Working Speed30000mm/Min
Spindle Power4.5/6.0/7.0/9.5/12.0 Kw HITECO ATC(Optional HSD )
Spindle Speed0-24000RPM
Drive MotorsDelta servo Motors or other brand for option
Working VoltageAC380V/50/60Hz,3PH
Command LanguageG Code
Operating SystemEasy MACH3
Computer InterfaceCF Card, Ethernet
Flash Memory256M
Tool HolderHSK F63
X,Y Resolution<0.03mm
Software CompatibilityType3, UcancameV9 Software (UG Software/Power Mill)
Running Environment Temperature0 – 45 Centigrade
Relative Humidity30% – 75%
Packing Size3400X3500X2800mm
Optional PartsLucbricating System
Vacuum Pump
Mist-Cooling System
Positioning Air Cylinder

4 AXIS CNC Router with Rotated spindle ±90 degree 

4th rotary axis puts on desk.easy to remove.

Rotated spindle cnc router

automatic electric oil lubrication systemt to easy operator maintaince guild rails or screw

Electronic lubrication

High-cost performance Delta servo motor and drive for X,Y,Z axis with 4th rotary axis A and Rotated spindle 180 degree use delta servo system..

Delta servo on AB

4th axis Rotaty axis equipment with 300mm diameeter cyclinder bar or legs

4th rotary axis
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why purchase 4 axis cnc router with rotated spindle

1.saving labor cost:

Export knife path from cnc software and put path program into CNC machinery than CNC router will engrave or cutting materials according to tools path you designed. it helps one person could manage 4 or 5 sets cnc machinery work at same time.

2.Controlling system support continous works from break point 

If working processing shutdown or power off sudendly.the cnc router could continue engraving from original point

3.precision working:compare to hand working CNC ROUTER works faster and working precision is great

4.it is easy to manage these machine.it could works 24 hours one day.

5.4 axis cnc router with rotated spindle could do all works  3 axis cnc router do. It is a muti-works cnc router

6.strong duty  ragid steel structure and software includes MACH3 or AOSAI or Syntec controll system.

7.One set machine could work more different designs.

Sculpture making/automatic/constructure purposes/moulds of foam or wood or car/decorate/funiture/Foam designs/

3D mould designs/

8.Popular with foam, wood, aluminium mold manufacturer, which can do curved carving processing via the swing spindle, 4 axis machining centre is suitable for molding industry, foam shaping industry, advertising industry, woodworking industry, craft gifts, architectural models, electronics, CAD/CAM industrial molds and other 3D carvings.


parameter for good price 4 AXIS CNC router with rotated spindle

1. High-quality HSD 4.5 kw air-cooling spindles, ensures efficient operation.
2. Servo motor and driver, higher precision.
3. Vacuum table with T-slot (Clamps) table, more convenient for woodworking.
4. Heavy Reliable steel frame, six lag more stable.
5. Different working size 1300 * 2500mm / 1500*3000mm dependent on your choose and more practical for woodworking or foam processing.
6. The Automatically lubrication system ensures the stability of mechanical parts.
7. 8-12 Tool Magazine, Tool changer automatically, many times increases productivity.
8. Taiwan’s SYNTEC control system is more convenient to operate the machine for processing 2D, 3D engraving.
9. Hiwin 25 square guide rails and rack transmission
10. Breakpoint memory, can continue to work after power off & breaking knife
11. Positioning pneumatic cylinder design to fix the plate faster and more accurately, improving work efficiency

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who needs 4 axis cnc router with rotated spindle

Applied material for 4 axis woodworking CNC router high precision with stable working.

Wood, Composites, MDF,Aluminum,,Acrylic,Plastic, Foam and so on.

Woodworking, 3D Carving, Cabinetry, Sign Making, Acrylic Fabrication, Fabrication, Exhibits and Fixtures, etc.

4 aixs cnc router
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customized service for cnc router

multi-spindle stone cnc router engraving on Granite,marble,articial stone,bluestone,arylic,plastic aluinum and copper material for relief


customized woodworking cnc router carving or engraving on cabinet,wood door,closet, 3 axis cnc router working onslotting,chamfering,cutting and locking door solution 

door cnc router

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