how to connect different plasma source with our CNC cutter?

if my old plasma source could work with your CNC machinery?

If your CNC cutting system support with different plasma source?

With sales value sharply increased We always receive question from various of different clients as below:

the most frequency problem is: I have my own used plasma source(plasma generator)in my workshop.

but i am not sure if it could source work with your cnc cutter?All function could work perfectly?

The answer yes. but You need change wiring a little.let us explain step by step.

1st:our THC height(height controller)needs 1:1 arc voltage

how to find 1:1 Arc voltage from inside of your plasma generator?

first of all we need multi-meter and put piointer to “Buzzer” position.

Multimeterpositive and negative

How to find ARC voltage from your plasma source?so that could work with Height controller(THC)?

We always definate “Ground cable”is POSITIVE  and cutting torch is “NEGATIVE”

Find two terminal point from inside terminal point will be ON with its interface port of ground cable(Buzzer will sounds)

another terminal point will be ON with its interface port of cutting torch(buzzer will sounds)

please check video for your reference.

Overal,if you still don’t understand how to connect with them after read artcle please contact with us.


1.In order to save time for assemble machine then we suggest that the buyer better purchase plasma source together with our CNC machinery at same time.

2.You better connect with Plasma source is Mechanical style not manual style plasma source.

why purchase automated cutting set up?

Auot0mated cutting system helps you to save time or save consuambles and more efficient with high precision cutting.

so more and more end users prefer change their handle torch plasma source to automatic controls.


Our products includes a number of CNC machinery fields, such as CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine, CNC flatbed cutting machine and other cutting equipment .with automatic touch screen and remote control.

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