Affordable Plasma Cutter Consumables Supply in China

In addition to the cost of electricity, coolant, gas, etc.,

the cost of using a plasma cutting machine also needs to consider the cost of consumables. Hypertherm consumables

Because the plasma arc involves very high working temperature, when working for a long time, the consumable parts in the torch will have some wear, which will affect the cutting quality and efficiency.

This article will introduce this part in detail. Including which periods are easy to wear and which suitable plasma consumables are selected.

What is plasma cutting consumable parts

Plasma cutter consumable parts are the consumable parts of the CNC plasma cutting machine, which wear out over time and eventually need to be replaced.

Each consumable is in the torch because this part is in direct contact with the cut.

Choosing the right plasma torch consumables at the right price and with the performance you need can save costs and increase productivity.

Plasma cutting torch consumables include the following:

220182 nozzle 220183 shield cap 220181 electrodeHypertherm plasma cutter gunygx100PLASMA CUTTER CONSUMABLESP80 plasma nozzle277289 plasma Nozzle

Nozzle electrodep80 nozzle electrode for plasma torch

The electrode is a narrow piece of copper containing hafnium, an excellent electrical conductor. The electrode is connected to the negative terminal of the plasma power supply and is used to power the plasma arc. The electrodes conduct high voltage or high frequency energy during the initial initiation of the cut. This adds electricity or energy to ionize the cutting gas, creating a plasma and allowing the arc to start. In addition, the electrodes can keep the arc in the center of the nozzle hole. Electrode life is affected by temperature and electrical circuits. Generally, it is necessary to use a coolant to control the temperature and prevent the short circuit of the electrodes.

Turbine ring(Swirl ring)Kaliburn swirl ring plasma Consumables

Turbine rings are usually made of ceramic.

Thanks to its high temperature and passive nature, the device is used to control and rotate the plasma gas around the electrode, and the ceramic material insulates the nozzle from the electrode and aligns the emitter and nozzle holes.

The swirl ring typically spins the gas clockwise, which helps the nozzle stay cool for longer life.


The nozzle is designed to focus the gas surrounding the plasma arc for precise cutting.

Improper or worn nozzles can cause parts to have rough edges or incorrect dimensions. Nozzles with larger openings are used for gouging; nozzles with smaller openings direct the gas better for fine, detailed cuts.


Shields protect all other air plasma consumables from sparks and molten metal. Most shields are made of copper.


The fixing caps can be divided into inner fixing caps and outer fixing caps.

The inner cap is properly aligned with all internal components of the torch, otherwise coolant leaks may result or cut quality will be compromised. The outer fixing cap and the protective cover together with protect the consumables.

How long do plasma consumables last?

Generally speaking, the nozzle and electrode will wear out faster than other components because they are in the most direct contact with the plasma cutter arc.

We recommend that you replace both the nozzle and the electrode, rather than using a new electrode with a worn nozzle. Generally speaking, replacing the turbine ring once every five electrode replacements is necessary.  However, the specific replacement cycle depends on the working conditions.

In fact, we cannot give you an accurate consumable life. Because the wear of consumables is affected by many factors such as applied power, material type and thickness, torch workload, and operator skill(Cutting technology). It is recommended that you regularly check coolant flow and gas leaks, and remove metal dust. Good maintenance can extend the life of consumables and increase your productivity. Once the machine is found to be running poorly, it must be inspected and the worn parts replaced. Otherwise, it will greatly affect the cutting quality and cause losses.

China Hypertherm Consumables Supply

As one of the most competitive plasma cutting machine suppliers in China, Allwin can provide consumables and accessories that perfectly match the models of Hypertherm’s plasma cutting machines. And sell it at a very competitive price. Allwin has been focusing on the producing and selling plasma cutting machines and related accessories for 10 years, and the product quality and performance are guaranteed. It is your high-quality choice for replacement torch cutter consumables.

ALLWIN Plasma torch Parts Advantages

Allwin specializes in producing and selling plasma cutter machines. At the same time, related consumables are also provided for customers to replace.

Thanks to high sales volume and production efficiency, we offer torch consumables at lower prices, take Hypertherm Powermax65A Accessories Consumables as an example, see the table below.

For details, please refer to the link:Plasma Consumables Manufacturer

Product Name Model NO. Price(usd)
Nozzle 220819 1
Shield cap 220817 9.3
Shield cap(handheld) 220818 7.8
Retaining cap 220854 17.5
Electrode 220842 1.4
Swirl ring 220857 10.87

These consumables are produced with high-quality raw materials and advanced technology, and the products have the characteristics of long service life and high precision.

A box can contain 10 nozzles, in order to ensure matching, it is recommended that you order the nozzle and electrode together. Allwin can provide many styles of components to match your different models of torches, you are welcome to inquire and get quotes.


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