Tips Choosing Heavy Duty Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

The Heavy Gantry Plasma Cutting machine is an H-type plasma cutting machine larger in weight and volume than general plasma cutting machines.

Mainly used for cutting large areas of metal materials. This article will introduce the Heavy Duty Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine from Allwin and what advantages it offers.

What is Heavy Duty Plasma Cutting Machine?

Compared with the conventional plasma cutting machine, the appearance shape of the CNC gantry plasma cutting machine is H-shaped.

The cutting torch moves on a pair of parallel guide rails, with a large cutting range and stable operation.

The gantry type metal cutting machine adopts XY coordinate axis to design parts, which is very suitable for CNC forming and cutting.

The rail system on which the gantry sits forms an axis, usually the X axis.

The gantry bridge itself forms another axis, usually the Y axis. By motorizing each axis and coordinating the motion of both axes simultaneously,

the user can move the torch in any pattern to cut shapes from steel. Generally speaking, the gantry plasma cutter has the following structures.

Main Frame for heavy duty plasma cutting machine.

To ensure high mechanical strength, good stability and deformation resistance are required, so thick steel is required as the main frame, generally not less than 20mm. After splicing, surface shot peening and tempering will be carried out, so that the surface quality of the structural parts is good, the welding stress is eliminated, and the frame will not be deformed after long-term use.

Working area:3M*6M  3M*8M  4M*12M  4M*16M

drive system: Yaskawa servo drive and motor.

Rail groove

The rail grooves are used to hold the torch and provide a stable travel path. The guide groove adopts gapless meshing device to use with the cutting torch. Compared with the ordinary gear system, it can prevent iron filings and other impurities from entering the gear gap and provide very high precision and high torque. This type of gear system guarantees good working stability and easy maintenance. Furthermore, the production requirements of rail grooves are also strict, and high wear resistance and smooth surface are important quality indicators.

The length of our rail grooves can be customized, the standard configuration is 4m horizontal gauge, and the effective cutting range: 3.2m.

Front beam

front beam and the main frame are similar in that they need to be constructed of thicker steel.

The front beam needs to take the load of the entire torch and machine.

The beam length of our gantry cutting machine can provide 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m and other sizes, all of which are driven on both sides.

Cutting Torch

Can be used with plasma torch or flame torch. For cutting steel and non-ferrous metal plates of various thicknesses.

In addition, it can also be equipped with flame cutting and plasma dual-purpose cutting methods. All of the above have automatic ignition.

How does Gantry CNC Cutting Machine Work?

Allwin’s gantry CNC cutting machine metal CNC system adopts the working mode of infinite rotating working arm to complete the cutting of the flanges and webs on both sides of the H-beam, as well as the cutting process. Perforated and locked. Meanwhile, to improve the cutting efficiency, the cutting process is divided into three processes. 1. Laser scan the deformation of the profile, optimize the cutting route according to the nesting software system, and realize the automatic positioning and automatic error of multi-type steel. The total length of the multi-type end is 12m. Automatic cutting process of the head.

What is CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Used For?

cnc plasma gantry cutting machine

Allwin Heavy Duty Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is designed for large-scale construction machinery, boiler manufacturing, power equipment, three-dimensional storage, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, steel structure and other metal processing industries. Gantry type ion cutting machine is suitable for cutting large-format metal materials. It is characterized by fast cutting speed, high precision, stable operation, small deformation and good cutting effect (smooth cutting, no residue). The range of metal materials that can be cut is wide, also suitable for large-scale manufacturers to purchase.

What is the features of  Cutting Machine

Allwin is a CNC plasma cutting factory and focus on manufacturing plasma cutting machine for over 10 years. The advantage of the gantry plasma cutting machine lies in the two levels of hardware and software.

heavy gantry plama cutting machine

Hardware level:

The heavy gantry flame plasma cutter has good rigidity due to the gantry type support method, and can achieve a large span of 3-8m in the lateral direction. The cutting area is 2300mm x 4000mm or 3000mm x 6000mm. Cutting thickness from 0.3mm to 80mm. The equipment is equipped with English touch screen menu. The equipment installation requirements are high, and it needs to occupy a special workshop area, which is characterized by good long-term use stability.

Software level:

Allwin’s CNC gantry plasma cutting machine can be equipped with laser scanning function, the scanning time is less than 4 seconds, and there are automatic nesting software fastcam or startcam. The nesting softare startcam or fastcam is used to improve material utilization, reduce material loss, realize cutting without residual material, and leave long material to be cut.

The intelligent control system can automatically export files through the USB interface. Since the machine reads the CAD files, the control system automatically  commands the torch to cut according to the design. It’s like you have the most skilled operators on every shift. Allwin heay duty gantry CNC plasma cutting machine improves your cut quality, productivity and profitability.

Allwin Heavy Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine Specification

Model 3060/4080/Customized
Size 2300mm x 4000mm/3000mm x6000mm
Plasma Power USA Hypertherm Power: 105A, 125A, 200A; Chinese Huayuan Power:160A, 200A,300A
Cutting Thickness 0.3-80mm (According to different plasma power)
cutting torch one plasma torch with one flame torch/Two plasma torch with one flame torch

straight cutting oxygen torch

transmission mode 24KGS Rail
Z lifter Z distance is 200mm.
Drive Motor Leadshine stepping motor and driver/Panasonic motors and driver
Control System Starfire control system with automatic height controller
Nesting software FASTCAM
Machine Structure General machine frame or Heavy duty frame
Working voltage 220V for machine, 380V for power supply
Optional Parts Rotary device, Flame head, straight flame cutting
Consumable Parts Cutting nozzle and electrode


The Heavy Gantry Plasma Cutting machine from Allwin is a class-leading performance cutting machine in its class, with excellent workmanship and a smooth finish. In addition to standard products, we also support product customization. This plasma cutting machine for wholesale can be shipped worldwide by sea and in stock can be shipped within 3 days. Welcome to contact us for product consultation and ordering.


Our products includes a number of CNC machinery fields, such as CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine, CNC flatbed cutting machine and other cutting equipment .with automatic touch screen and remote control.

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