Choosing Reliable Plasma Cutter Machine Supplier in China

Plasma cutter machine comes from plasma welding. includes Plasma cutting mode and oxygen cutting mode.

Why has it become so popular?

The reason is that plasma cutting produces no metal chips and is very precise during the cutting process.

Due to the repetitive cutting pattern, plasma cutting machines are very bulky, mainly designed for mass production and are widely used in most metals work

such as cars, motorcycles, chemical machinery, nuclear industry, engineering machinery, aluminum structures, ships, etc.

CNC Plasma Cutter Specifications2 CNC Plasma Cutter Specifications1

This article will explain the factors of plasma cutting machines and how to choose the right Plasma Cutter Machine Supplier.

What is a plasma cutting system?

A plasma cutting machine is a machine that processes metal materials with the help of plasma cutting technology.

The mechanized cutting process mainly involves cutting with CNC knives or industrial robots.

The heat source for the molten metal is a plasma arc that glows between the electrode and the workpiece.

This means that plasma cutting is only used for conductive materials, mainly mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Three essential factors about plasma cutting machine

1. Air supply unitar machine life and consumable life.

In the plasma cutter section, you need about 7 to 8 CFM (cubic feet per minute) at 90 psi. This is a requirement that most compressors can handle.

However, when choosing a compressor to supply air, you need to consider a number of factors. 3 to 5 HP 60 gallon compressors can typically output 11 CFM.

This will meet the needs of most plasma cutters, but you will need to consider whether you want to use any other air at the same time.

With a compressor of this size only about3 CFM above the minimum, and with only a 60 gallon tank, your compressor will likely run non-stop.

Most cheap 60 gallon compressors are not designed for this.

2. Power supply

The cutting quality of the CNC Plasma Cutter work cutting machine is strong correlated with the quality of the power supply.

A good power supply will guarantee good cutting quality. Most plasma cutter power supplies are rated based on cutting capability and current.

If you typically cut thinner metals, you should consider a low-current plasma cutting power source.

When choosing a low-current plasma power source to cut thicker metals, the cut quality may not be maintained.

A variety of reasons causes this situation. It may be that the cutting speed is too fast, or the metal thickness exceeds the optimal cutting thickness of the power supply.

Every plasma cutting power source(plasma generator) has an optimal cutting thickness, so make sure it meets your demands.

In general, the optimal cutting thickness of the power supply must be 60%-70% of the limited cutting thickness

If you want to cut for a long time or cut automatically. Make sure to check the machine’s workload continuity rate.

The load duration is calculated as the continuous working time before the cutter overheats and needs to cool down.

Workload duration is usually determined as a percentage based on a 10-minute criterion. For example, a 60% duty cycle and 100 amps of current means you can cut for 6 minutes at 100 amps of current output (10 minutes is 100%). The longer the workload lasts, the longer you can keep cutting.

Here this table for your reference about its cutting capacity Between CHINA BRAND AND HYPERTHERM POWERMAX

 63A 0-8MM 15MM
120A 0-15MM 28MM
160A 0-20MM 40MM
200A 0-25MM 50MM
300A 0-35MM 64MM
400A 0-48MM 80MM


65A 0-12MM 20MM
85A 0-16MM 30MM
105A 0-18MM 35MM
130A 0-20MM 38MM
200A 0-35MM 60MM

3. Cutting Equipment

Thermal plasmas are produced in plasma torches by direct current (DC), alternating current (AC), radio frequency (RF) and other electrical discharges.

DC torches are the most commonly used and the most studied because compared to AC: “Low noise, stable and easy-to-control operation, reduced electrode consumption and refractory wear, and lower power consumption.

All in all, DC torches have significantly lower operating costs than other types.

plasma cutting machine manufacturer
the best plasma cutting machine manufacturer

The exact form of the cutting torch depends on the current rating of the torch.

Generally, the cutting torch below 130A adopts an air-cooled structure,

and the cutting torch above 130A adopts a water-cooled structure.

The electrodes in the torch can be pure tungsten, thoriated tungsten, bell-shaped tungsten rods or inlaid electrodes.

Cast tungsten is preferred as the electrode material. It has the advantages of simple cutting and cutting of various non-metallic materials.

After purchasing a plasma cutter for the first time, the most important ongoing cost will be the cutting tip and electrode.

So before you pick up your plasma cutter, learn as much as you can about how fast your machine can use these items.

A tip damaged due to poor technique or electrode wear can slow down the cut or reduce the quality of the cut,

so it is generally recommended to replace both the tip and electrode for optimal cutting performance.

The following equation is recommended to determine the ongoing cost of plasma cutting equipment:

“The cost of consumables, or the total cost of consumables divided by the life of the consumables (in arc time per hour), is the most useful measure.

For example, if the nozzle costs $5, the electrode costs $7, and a set lasts 3.5 arc hour, then the hourly cost or CPH is ($5 + $7)/3.5 = $3.43.”

Why choose China manufacturer as plasma Cutter Machine Supplier?

cnc plasma cutter tablegantry plasma cutting machine

1. Affordable price of quality plasma cutter machine

Chinese-made plasma cutting machines are several times cheaper than other European or American plasma cutting machines, and consumables such as cutting nozzles and electrodes are also much cheaper.

In terms of quality, China’s plasma cutting machines have no significant disadvantage.

China’s manufacturing industry has now adopted domestic plasma cutting machines on a large scale and has also achieved a lot of remarkable achievements. During the COVID-19 epidemic, domestic plasma cutting machines provided strong support for China’s domestic production industry and maintained stable product exports.

For instance, Allwin CNC is the best plasma cutter supplier in china. With over years’ development their clients came from all over Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, America, covering the United States, Russia, Italy, France, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Algeria, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, Mexico, Chile and other nearly 100 countries.

2. Diverse product variety

Allwin CNC focusing on the metal solutions industry for over ten years,

with CNC metal cutting equipment design, manufacturing, sales, including all types of CNC plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines, CNC router machines, Digital flatbed cutter

and have large stock for spare parts of cnc machinery like plasma cutting torch, nozzles or electrodes and so on.

Allwin CNC also provides portable plasma cutters for sale.

You can check the portable plasma cutter price in

3.Good after-sale and pre-sale service

(1) Quality inspection system, R&D department and after-sales team. so they can provide reliable high quality products at a competitive price.
(2) With a team of highly experienced engineers offering machine delivery and installation;
(3) Remote technical support is completely free of charge which helps to save 20% cost. like teamviewer software, video shows in English.


Our products includes a number of CNC machinery fields, such as CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine, CNC flatbed cutting machine and other cutting equipment .with automatic touch screen and remote control.

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