How Choose CNC Plasma Cutter?

what types metal CNC plasma cutter has? How choose right CNC Plasma cutter ?

what types metal CNC plasma cutter has? how to buy or choose CNC plasma cutter?

   If you are new user for CNC THC plasma cutting machine following information must be help to you to make option among so many different type of machine.

 Plasma cutting machine is customary name for metal cutting machine.most of users are used to name flame cutting machine as cncplasma cutting machine.

According to different structure frame,it has following categories

 1.CNC Portable plasma cutgter–Single type   

   This single drive mini portable plasma cutter its frame is aluminum frame.

  Its advantage is very cheap、smaller package and easy move .If you are new startup for metal processing

  industries or you have very limited budget for plasma cutting machine or Your workshop is smaller space than choose this one..We can customize its cutting size according to users’demand. 

 According to our sales experience below models are most popular.

  1530(1500mm*3000mm),1560(1500mm*6000mm)or  1580(1500mm*8000mm)

  Its disadvantage is its X axis might be bending deformation if you always cut thicker metal steels after many years.

  Here youtube link to show how mini portable plasma cutter to work 

2.Dual drive portable plasma cutter–double drive.

  Its frame is assembly by aluminum arms..this dual drive light portable plasma cutter overcome difficult of mini single drive plasma cutter.its X axes working area could be upto 2500mm we are listing regular model for cnc dual portable plasma cutting machine 2540(2.5m*4m)2560(2.5m*6m),1530(1.5m*3m) 2030(2m*3m)…. surely support customized cutting size according to your metal sheet…oxygen cutting torch is for option. Nowadays,everyone knows sea freight is very expensive however,big working area cnc plasma cutting machine is very demanded for some heavy metal please select it.

Compared to other type plasma cutting machine it has more advantages i.e

1. smaller package size to pay less sea freight.

2.steady firm cutting processing with long time use life

3.smaller investment good price its very easy for new startup people. Here we share youtube link to show its detailed enough.

3.Desktop style cnc flame plasma cutting machine

Commen models:1530/2030/1540/2040/1560/2060

2. The bed is a heavy-duty bed, welded with a standard 10*200*3mm square tube, equipped with leveling feet.

3. The H-beam is 150*200*10mm strong square tube; and the guide rail surface and rack surface are both high-precision processing with dust cloth to protect Guild rails on X axis with Lubrication system by manual. component: Stepping motor 450A or japanese pansonic servo for option.

2.0 Square guild rails HIWIN brand with Helical rack to make sure machine works faster and stable at precision router.

With the rising cost of export and transportation fee is getting higher and higher especially to Covid19 started, so that customers who originally wanted to buy products began to help customers reduce practical problems, specially desktop plasma cutting machine, transformed into simple plasma cutting machine, this structure frame of cnc plasma cutting machine function is the same as table plasma cutter. The buyers just need build table at their own workshop.

  How to drive gantry move?

Double drive with square guild and guild rails and block with helical rack could keep the portable CNC oxy-fuel gas and plasma cutting table stablility.

The frame of this mini gantry CNC plasma cutter can be disassembled when deliveryto customers,

 greatly reduce the volume of delivery so that saving a lot cost of procurement.

kindly note add flame torch automatic ignition.

 desktop plasma cutting machine has same parameters like same THC(height  controller,transmission guild rails and steady gears) with same operation programme(touch panel).

This desktop plasma cutter has its single electrical cabine which reduce signal interference from arc starting and with welding steel structure.

4. Industrial large gantry plasma cutting machine with flame torch combined
 Large format industrial gantry plasma cutting machine is designed by Steel hollow beam design ensures

and  good heat dissipation without deformation
This industrial plasma cutter has gantry structure with double-driven system, 

working size can be customized upon requirements
It is allows to add more cutting torch like add straight flame cutting torch to improve cutting efficiency

 it allows 18pcs of flame torch one time. or add 4 plasma torch at same time to speed up working processing.
Large size plasma cutter could allow to add 5 axis torch cutting to finish bevel cuts.
Very big working area like 4m*8m 6m*12m 8m*16m. of course,working size is very flexible.effective cutting area:2500mm*6000mm 3000mm*8000mm,4000mm*12mmm
panasonic servo motor drivers for option which improve machine runs accuracy

 with 10.4 inch touch screen PLC 

and 24kgs rack rails.

it is widely used in big workshop likes shipbuilding,boiler manufacturing,container manufacturing,construction,bridge and roller steel making factory

so what kinds of workshop is most proper for this industries heavy duty plasma cutting machine??
1. Your carbon steel or other metal materials are very thick.
2. Your workshop is very enough space for this CNC plasma cutting machine
3. Your budget for Plasma cutting machine project is bigger.
Here we share our youtube link to show how does industrial gantry plasma cutter works.

5. table style plasma cutting machine with flame torch option.
The user don’t need assemble machine by themselves,don’t need calibrate X,Y gantry either..the end user does not need foundation base so that save a lots of time.

Standardized production, assembling parts are basically standard parts, reducing the failure rate, for example: the machine bed, beam,other precision related parts are all batched produced.

1.Standardized production, assembling parts are basically standard parts, reducing the failure rate, for example: the machine bed, beam, column, sliding plate, drive plate and other precision related parts are all batched;

The bed is a heavy-duty bed, welded with a standard 10*200*3mm square tube.

The beam is a 150*200*8mm generous square tube welded.

12. There is a fan port, which is convenient for customers to remove dust later.

or water tank bed for option.

This table plasma cutting machine with their saw teeth so the end user don’t need make them..they will put it into cutting works once they receive is more convenient plasma cutter for new people.Plus its price is not expensive.So this machine is the most welcome to users.

drilling head or marking pen with rotary axis for option.
Structure for CNC plasma cutting machine is welded steel with steady steel gantry
And 2.0 square guild rails with helical rack from taiwan to ensure running speed and its metal cutting accuracy.
Popular model:1325(working area 1300mm*2500mm) 1530(1500mm*3000mm)
2030(2000mm*3000mm) 2040(2000mm*4000mm) 2060(2000mm*6000mm)
Here its youtube to show how table THC plasma cutting machine works.

Above mentioned CNC plasma cutting machine with flame torch is only for cutting metal sheet,carbon plate not for metal pipe.
We will explain about how does metal pipe plasma cutting machine next articles.

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ALLWIN CNC work with many different sizes and brand of plasma generators.

if you are thinking about buying one,be sure to look at the whole photo first and video for your reference.

check out yourself how much budget for projects of plasma cutting machine.



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