Plasma Cutter with Drilling Machine

why use plasma cutter with drilling machine

tapping smaller holes,marking pen and plasma cutting system is combined into CNC plasma cutting drilling machine

working stable and reliable, reasonable structure, good rigidity, powerful configuration function, with very high cost performance.  Plasma cutting, flame cutting, drilling, tapping and marking can be combined on one set of CNC machinery

plasma cutter with drilling machine
cnc plasma cutting with drilling machine
destop plasma
destop plasma cutting manufactory
plasma cutter with drill
plasma cutter with drilling machine
cnc plasma cutting with drilling machine
destop plasma
destop plasma cutting manufactory
plasma cutter with drill

plasma cutting Drilling machine

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working areacustomized

Drilling Heads

Touch Screen And THC

Table With Saw Teeth

Fine plasma torch

High precsion PMI guild rails

Plasma Cutting cutting

parameter for cNC plasma cutting drilling machine with Flame(oxy-fuel gas)

No.Model  1530CNC plasma cutting drilling machine marking for option
1X axis working area1500mm
2Y Axis working area3000mm
3Cutting ModePlasma+oxygen+Drilling head+marking pen 
4Driving motorPanasonic servo
6Controller system FL2300 SHANGHAI FANGLING
7Software one set of Austraila  FASTCAM 
8Plasma power Hypertherm power or China brand 
According to customer request
9cutting thickness for plasma Depends on plasma source
10Z travelling distance for drilling head≤120  mm
Z Rapid speed for drilling head≤ 120  mm / S
ratation speed for drilling head50-1200n/min frequency control  
drilling sizeDiameter ≤12 mm
capacity for drilling 2 – 30 mm
position accuracy for drilling ±0.15
11Workbenchwater table 
12display screenLCD color screen with 4.7 inch size+Wireless handle wheel
13Remote controlWith 
14tramsmission methodUSB 
15programe softwareAutoCAD
16Electrical componentsCHINT
18transmission for X,Y X,Y axis Hiwin 2.0 Square guilld rails 
Y axis high precision helical rack and pinion
19cutting table Saw tooth mesa table and roll ball 
20Package size(L*W*H)3700MMX2250mmx1600mm
21total weight for machine bed1850kgs
22Machine color customize according to customer request

what is plasma cutting with drilling machine?

drilling and plasma cutting machine is designed to desktop structure,flexible lifting,quickly drilling and plasma cutting model.

it is controlled by NC program which supports steel drilling and cnc plasma cutting processing at same time.

plasma cutting with drilling machine helps to reduce time to loading or unloading metal sheet on table. so that improves working efficiency.

CNC Plasma drilling machine use servo control system

 Servo motor Could monitor its drilling depth and drilling speed with stepless speed regulation.

The drilling diameter is from 1mm to 12mm and All drilling processing has water cooling system to following drilling head.

the whole machine designed with large cross section and steel structure beam with high precision guild rails with rack

 Why more and more people prefer choose plasma cutter with drilling head??

Plasma cutting torch could drill diameter 14mm at minum.

However,some customers need drill smaller holes than 12mm on metal sheet then we have to add drilling head.

Drilling head to help plasma gun to drill to make plasma torch cut from its edge.

.edge cutting could prolong nozzles or electronics life.that is why as professional manufacturers for cnc plasma cutting machine we strongly advice end users try best to cut from edge not from central starts cutting.

CNC plasma cutting And  Drilling integrated machine here we shortly called Plasma cutter with drilling machine

Characters for CNC plasma cutter with drilling machine

Allwin table plasma cutter with drilling machine is suitable for boiler manufacturing, power equipment, three-dimensional storage, shipbuilding enterprises, automobile manufacturing, steel structures and other metal processing industries.

how build up table style plasma cutting with drilling machine?

1.Standardized production, assembling parts are basically standard parts, reducing the failure rate,

 for example: the machine bed, beam, column, sliding plate, drive plate and other precision related parts are all batched;

2. The bed is a heavy-duty bed, welded with a standard 10*200*3mm square tube, equipped with leveling feet.

3. The H-beam is 150*200*10mm strong square tube; and the guide rail surface and rack surface are both high-precision processing

4. The saw teeth  is bent into a U shape by laser processing, which has good stability and high load-bearing strength; instead of an angle iron, thickness for saw teeth is 3mm;

5. The bed frame is an integrated design, and the cnc machinery color can be customized by the customers.

6. The standard configuration system can be replaced according to customer needs;

7. The drive is leadshine stepping drive; the failure rate is very low; it can also be replaced with a servo according to customer requirements

8. The lifter is a large lifting body 200mm, instead of a small portable lifting body with a stroke of 100;

9. The X axis has dust cover to protect the square guild rails with rail blocks.

10. Lubrication system to lubricate  the slide block of the whole machine;

11. There are universal wheels one machinery table to make easier put metal sheet on machine bed.;

12. There is water table, which is convenient for customers to remove dust or smoke.

 Other configurations are the same as the desktop plasma cutting machine. Compared with a desktop plasma cutting machine, it can easily perform drilling operations on the workpiece. The desktop CNC plasma cutting machine is suitable for metal cutting industries that require high precision such as shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, and motorcycle manufacturing.

CNC Plasma Cutting And Drilling Integrated Machine Applications

USA Hypertherm/china huayuan power supply

China brand plasma power

Power supplyCutting thickness

Hypertherm brand plasma power

Power supplyCutting thickness

China Huayuan Power

china huarong Power

USA Hypertherm Power

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