CNC Gantry plasma cutter with fine spray gun

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water jet plasma cutting machine
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CNC gantry plasma Cutter With Fine Spray Gun water jet

Model: 3060/4080

CNC Plasma Gantry Cutter With Fine Spray Gun+flame attached

cutting mode Plasma+flame(oxyfuel gas)
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Water jet plasma cutter with fine gun

details for CNC Plasma Gantry Cutting machine With Fine Spray gun

   High-precision CNC plasma gantry cutting machine is so called water jet plasma cutter 

suitable for large-format and medium and heavy metal sheet cutting.

 This kind of high-precision water jet plasma cutter has high various configurations, 

large effective working area, thick plates for cutting,

 and it is recommended to choose this type of cutting machine for cutting plates below 50 mm; 

this high-precision H-beam metal plasma cutting equipment has excellent performance, 

The cutting surface has high verticality. In the cutting process, you can choose mixed gas cutting and water spray fine cutting torch and other processes; the cutting area of this high-precision plasma metal cutting machine can be customized;

 the operating speed can reach 24 meters per minute, 

and the cutting speed can reach 12 meters per minute.

 Flame cutting is optional to meet the company’s thick plate cutting requirements.

  The CNC gantry plasma cutter equiped with water spray gun

adopts a square tube welding structure, which has the characteristics of good rigidity with high precision parts,

 For the welding parts of the machine, stress relief is adopted to prevent structural deformation;

 longitudinal and lateral transmission: precision rack (7-level accuracy) transmission is adopted. 

The horizontal guide rail adopts imported linear guide rail, and the longitudinal guide rail adopts precision-machined special steel rail, which ensures the smooth running, high precision, durability, cleanness and beauty of the cutting machine; the speed reduction adopts the planetary gear reducer imported from Germany, which can ensure the accuracy and balance of the movement Longitudinal drive frame (end frame):both ends are equipped with horizontal guide wheels, which can drive the compression degree of the eccentric wheel at the bottom of the frame to guide the movement of the whole machine; adopt servo drive technology to make the whole machine run smoothly, and the speed can be fast or slow , The acceleration time is short;

Fine Spray torch

CNC Plasma Gantry Cutter With Fine Spray Gun

Plasma control system


Height control THC FL1621

Height congroller FL1621

Plasma fine torch 300A


high-precision plasma cutting machine Applications

Fine Spray torch cutting

Cutting carbon steel

Fine Spray gun cutting

Cutting workpiece

plasma cutting machine applications

cutting stainless steel

why water jet plasma cutting machine water spraying gun?

Advantages of water jet cnc plasma gantry cutting machine

1 Better cutting effect, high cutting accuracy, higher verticality of the cut surface of the workpiece, no slag or less slag;
2 Reduce environmental pollution. Greatly reduce the smoke and dust emission, avoid the exposure of strong light, and minimize the damage to the human body;
3 The professionally cnc gantry plasma cutter tuned cutting torch cooling system is equipped with a large flow, high-lift water pump and a high-power heat dissipation structure, which effectively prolongs the service life of the cutting torch consumables;
4 The design of multiple gas input interfaces adapts to multiple gas cutting processes and realizes high-quality cutting of various metal materials;
5 The plasma cutting machine is equipped with an initial positioning device and an automatic height adjustment system. During the cutting process, it has 360 anti-collision equipment.
6 The longitudinal and transverse guide rails are driven by linear guide rails, which makes the machine run more smoothly.

7.This CNC gantry plasma cutter with rotary axis could cut metal sheet with bigger metal pipe together.its control system support 2 axis and 4 axis together.professional nest software startcam or fastcam avoid material waste.

2Power SourceAC220±10%  50/60Hz 220W
3Cutting ModeO2/C3H8 Or C2H2
4EffectiveCutting Range(Mm)4000mmx10000mm3000mmx6000mm
5Plasma Cutting GasN2,O2,CompressedAir
6Flame Cutting GasOxygen+Propane Or Acetylene
7Beam Width RaiLength(M)6m*12m4m*8m
Cutting Thickness(Mm)
(Oxygen + Acetylene Or Propane)
Cutting Thickness(Mm)
11touch sensor±0.2mm/M
12cutting TorchFlame torch
Plasma torch 
13Cutting SystemFANGLING F2300B    THC F1621
14Gas Pressure(Mpa)Max.0.1
15Oxygen Pressure(Mpa)Max.0.7
16Type Of GasC3H8 C2H2
17Emergency StopYes
18nest softwareFASTCAM 
19Motor panasonic servo
20Plasma Power200A,300A,400A for option
21ARC methodUntouched Arc Striking
22Processing MaterialsIron,Tianium plates
Steel Aluminum Sheets, Galvanized Sheets

What is CNC Plasma gantry cutter with fine spray gun?why use water jet plasma cutter?

water jet plasma cutting machine is equipped with a fine water spray cutting torch.

This Plasma cutter is different from other type of regular plasma torch,this fine cutting gun greatly reduces the smoke and light pollution during the cutting process, which is harmful to the human body.Fine spray cutting torch keep the damage to minimum; 

with help of spraying water during cutting process to make this plasma cutter cuts very clean without slag.

In terms of cutting performance, the fine water spray gun is superior to other plasma cutting guns, which is mainly reflected in the smooth and flat cut surface of the cut work piece, higher cut perpendicularity, less slag or no slag;

 The cutting effect of a plasma cutting machine with a high-profile version is comparable to that of a laser cutting machine with a low-profile version.

with workshop require very higher for working environment,It is widely used in metal cutting companies that are not afraid of water,

Furthermore,more and more people use this fine water spraying torch plus high precision CNC plasma machine put into metal fabrication industries to be fiber laser cutting machine instead.

Cutting Capacity of plasma geneartor

China Huayuan PowerUSA Hypertherm Power 
Power supplyCutting thicknessPower supplyCutting thickness

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