Best Portable CNC Plasma Cutter

selling portable CNC Plasma cutter at competitive price

 Professional supplier for portable CNC plasma cutter.which  has larger working area with very best price.

portable plasma cutter has smaller package is best choice for limited startup company.

it is most popular in Australia market,europe market and South america market like Argentina,Chile,Peru and Nigeria market.

adjust able rail and very easy to assemble with full set guildance video

dual drive portable cutter
best price portable plasma cuter
light gantry plasma cutter
dual drive portable cutter
best price portable plasma cuter
light gantry plasma cutter

best price portable plasma cutter

Model: 2040/2060
Category: CNC Plasma Cutting machine
Views:  35100
Brand: allwin cnc
Rating:  4.8 /5 based on 61 votes 
Standard Price: $1500.00 / Set
Price Range:  $2400.00 to $4300.00 / Set According to plasma source
Supply Ability:  100 Sets / Month In stock! From – Jinan allwin cnc machinery co.,ltd
 structure Aluminum arms

how strong for light portable plasma cutter?how to assemble together after received package

how does portable CNC Plasma Gantry Cutter work?

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feature for portable plasma cutting machine

Arc voltage control
ƒ Automatically detects live arc voltage and makes neces-sary torch height adjustments during cutting.

 Allows for precise plasma torch height thus eliminating severe edge bevels.
Torch collision protection
ƒ Magnetic torch breakaway system will dislocate from magnets and stop the machine immediately when it
senses a part tip up.
Initial torch height control
ƒ Initial height sensor is implemented in the torch break away system, allowing fast and accurate torch initial
height adjustment. 

ƒ A variety of optional accessories are available.
The machine can be reconfigured to Oxy-fuel at any time when needed.

What component of portable cnc plasma cutter?

1.dual drive portable plasma cutter includes Two Arms(Y guild rails)+X rails

2.THC Automatic height controller for plasma torch 

With the continuous development of plasma cutting industry, the importance of height adjuster is becoming more and more. 

THC for plasma torch could make plasma torch lift up or go down according to metal sheet uneven to avoid hiting metal.

 If there is no height adjuster, the torch only move at same distance to metal sheet during process of work, plasma torch does not rise or fall, if the plate is uneven, it is easy to hit the plasma gun, cause failure.  Especially to thin plate.if there is a height regulator can completely solve this problem.

there are lots of different brand height controller in the market.We always use FANGLING BRAND because FANGLING brand is the most longest brand in china with most nature techinal parameter

3.Control system:7inch panel screen FANGLING brand

Advanced computer numerical control is split design between Control system and Programming.

  No need for manual programming, eliminated inefficient manual programming work.  Instead, programming software provides automatic programming which can directly generate the program < G code file recognized by the system after the AUTOCAD drawing line is arranged and the appropriate programming parameters are selected).  Greatly reduce the programming burden of operators, so that the equipment is available to everyone, everyone can use!  Flexible file transfer, equipment support USB interface (recommended) the user simply will be automatically generated in the computer program file copy to the U disk, and then insert USB file to control system so that it could read transfer, with functions of graphics track, namely the graphic display in the machining process. our control system Support processing pause, forward, backward, breakpoint processing and change cutting speed.

4.FASTCAME Nest software. 

1)support DXF/DWG/CAM/NC format and its compatible with AutoCAD,Design software

2)support import of steel structure industry DSTV parts format, compatible with Tekla and other steel structure design software, specially used for steel structure industry automatic nesting;  

3)support import of Marine industry /GEN/CADDS5 various parts format , compatible with Tribon, CADDS5, Hudong and other Marine industry design and manufacturing software, automatic nesting;  

4.)CAM files with material and plate thickness information can realize automatic plate selection, automatic setting of parts nesting spacing, automatic selection of cutting power and cutting speed, and automatic programming nesting in automatic cutting of process library version and automatic gas control.  

5) the whole plate nesting, multi-plate nesting, spare nesting, interactive nesting, matrix nesting, automatic packing;  

6) high efficiency cutting function: automatic common edge cutting, borrow edge cutting and bridge continuous cutting function  

7.)Edit and store the remaining plates, and automatic nesting of the remaining plates;  

8) manual interactive nesting, parts can move, rotate, flip;  

 5. lift body
 6. plasma generator(plasma source) click here for more information.
 Our THC system could work with all brands of plasma source.

Feature for hot sales portable cnc plasma cutter with Dual drive

The 2021 hot sales portable cnc plasma cutting machine is an cutting equipment for carbon steel or brass or aluminum and is a kind of Light aluminum gantry cnc plasma cutter. 

The light gantry cnc plasma cutter is a simplified version of the heavy gantry. 

The light gantry cnc plasma cutter machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, 

double drive hot sales portable cnc plasma cutter is  in aluminum frame and light weight . 

This hot sales portable cnc plasma cutter The total weight is about 220kg, which is easy to move. 

The light-duty gantry plasma cutting machine adopts bilateral drive(double drive)

Compared with the single-drive mini portable plasma cutting machine, it has stable performance, high cutting precision and a relatively large cutting surface. 

This portable cnc plasma cutter is mainly suitable for shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, metal parts processing and other industries;

 the light weight gantry plasma cutting machine is cheap and suitable for most metal cutting and processing enterprises,especially small business companies, or individual diy enthusiasts. It is the best-selling light gantry plasma cutting machine in 2021.

Model 2040/2560/2580
Size 2m x 4m/2.5mx6m/2.5mx8m
Plasma Power USA Hypertherm Power: 45A, 65A, 85A, 105A, 125A, 200A;
Chinese Huayuan Power: 100A, 120A, 160A, 200A,300A
Cutting Thickness 0.3-80mm (According to different plasma power)
Minimum Cutting Diameter Depend on cutting thickness
Max Cutting Speed 12m/min
Transmission Taiwan Hiwin Square rail and Rack transmission
Drive Motor Leadshine stepper motor and driver
Control System Starfire  control system with THC
Nesting software FASTCAM
Machine Structure General machine frame or Heavy duty frame
Working voltage 220V for machine, 380V for power supply (63A with 220V)
Optional Parts Rotary device, Flame head
Consumable Parts Cutting nozzle and electrode

2021 Top Rated CNC Plasma Gantry Cutter Details

Large stock with different color
custom size 2M*4M/2.5M*6M
1.5M*3M/2.5M*8M CNC plasma with oxy-fuel cutting machine

dual drive portable plasma cutter

Plasma and oxy-fuel cutter

Plasma cutting torch 1

Single oxygen gas cutting machine for option

plasma oxy-fule cutter

all questions or doubts for light portable plasma two drive.

1.This Y rails looks so slim.their rails will be out of shape?or deformation changes after some times?

we always received lots of doubt about this style cnc.Here let us answer you correctly.

obvious No, because of Y rails will be pin to workbench with screws tools and backing plate to support Y rails

than y rails don’t need bear any weights.

2.What biggest different from this light portable plasma style to Heavy duty plasma style?

running speed 

its running speedis  slower than heavy gantry plasma style…because of their motion motor is smaller model than Heavy gantry.

Normally speaking Running speed is 7Meter at the most for Light portable style plasma cutter..for heavy duty plasma cutter its running speed could be 15 meter.

working with different power of plasma source.

Light portable plasma style could work with 60A,120A,160A,200A plasma source.

for Heavy gantry plasma cutter could work with 300A,400A plasma source

so if your metal thickness is smaller or your budget is smaller than this light portable plasma cutter is best choice.

Different motor motion.

owing to light frame for portable plasma style..Then we use smaller size motor motion.

but they use same controlling system or THC height control or Nest programming software–FASTCAM.

Different pacakge size:

Package size for light portable pasma cutter is 3650mm*510mm*510mm(0.95 CBM) 

package size for Heavy gantry plasma cutter is 4000mm*2200mm*1800mmm(16.00CBM)

Obvious huge different in transportation cost and destination charge for customs issue

 because of smaller package size that is why  two drive light portable plasma cutteing machine become hot sales in the market.


portable simple workbench for two drive plasma cutter for working size 1500mm*3000mm.Here two type of table we build for your reference.

portable plasma cutter

water table for big size 2000mm*6000mm


2021 Best Light aluminum gangtry CNC Plasma Cutting Machines with oxygen attached on Sale

The 2021 top rated cnc plasma cutter adopts aluminum alloy as a whole, adopts H-shaped structure, and is driven in both directions. this gantry plasma cutter is more stable than a portable plasma cutting machine driven by a single arm. When cutting large-format steel plates, this fast cnc plasma is also much stronger than ordinary plasma cutting equipment. Although the cutting accuracy is slightly lower than the heavy-duty gantry cnc plasma,this plasma cutter is lighter than the heavy-duty gantry plasma cutting machine and is easy to move. This plasma machine, in the gantry plasma cutting machine, this plasma equipment is the best-selling CNC cutting machine in 2021, and customer feedback and evaluation are also very high. The length of the longitudinal arms is 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m and other specifications. The standard horizontal range is 4 meters. Effective cutting range: 3.2m. The length of the longitudinal rail can be customized. This CNC cutting machine can be equipped with either oxygen cutting or plasma cutting. Flame cutting can automatically ignite. Flame cutting is also called CNC gas, oxy fuel cutting machine. The flame cutting method can cut the cutting range between 6mm and 300mm. CNC Plasma cutting is also called fast cut Cnc, air plasma cutter, etc., the thickness of the cutting material, according to the plasma power source, can cut 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, up to 100mm. Therefore, it is also called cut 40 plasma cutter, cut 50 plasma cutter, and cut 60 plasma cutter. However, considering the cutting effect and economy, it is generally recommended to cut materials with a thickness of less than 50mm. Therefore, this plasma cutting equipment can be adapted to most enterprises and small business companies, and is also suitable for school teaching. At the same time, the cutting equipment is also a diy CNC plasma cutting machine, which is very attractive to iron art enthusiasts.
Features of Light Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine:
1. The horizontal x-axis and the vertical Y-axis are all made of aluminum alloy structure, servo motors are driven by both sides, and precision linear guides are used to ensure that the overall weight of the machine is light, convenient to move, and the cutting accuracy and stability are relatively good.
2. Wide range of applications. Plasma cutting machine has a very wide range of applications and can cut various metals, including carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc. Suitable for large machinery, automobiles, shipbuilding, military industry, boilers, pressure vessels, steel structures and other metal cutting industries.
3. This CNC PLASMA is the best-selling gantry plasma cutter machine in 2021. Because the lightweight gantry plasma cutting equipment has a simple structure and is easy to assemble, the overall volume is small, which can greatly reduce shipping costs. Favored by the majority of customers.
4. High cost performance, the machine is low in price and stable in performance. In terms of cutting quality, performance, price and other factors,this fast cut cnc machine is the first cutting machine for customers.
5. Simple operation, easy maintenance, only need simple training for workers to get started. The maintenance is relatively simple.

2021 Top Rated CNC PLASMA CUTTER Applications

The 2021 top rated cnc plasma cutting machine is suitable for large-scale construction machinery, boiler manufacturing, power equipment, three-dimensional storage, shipbuilding enterprises, automobile manufacturing, steel structures and other metal processing industries.

workshop for cnc plasma cutter

Our company has rich experience in the field of metal cutting indutries, we have many years of plasma cutting machine production, design, after-sales service capabilities, and supports product customization and product OEM services. We have some global agents and they can help us to give techincal service in local places.

The picture below is our CNC plasma cutting machine workshop.

China Huayuan Power

Power supplyCutting thickness

USA Hypertherm Power

Power supplyCutting thickness

ameriaca hypertherm/huayuan plasma power supply

China Huayuan Power

huayuan plasma power china

Ameriaca Hypertherm Power

Hypertherm Plasma Power supply

china huarong Power

Huarong plasma power
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package and delivery for Gantry cnc plasma cutter

All of our export machinery and equipment adopt standard plywood boxes after high temperature and high pressure treatment. The boxes meet the inspection standards of the United States and the European Union; the transportation method can be transported by plane, ship, or train according to customer requirements.
We have our own long-term cooperation transportation company, which will give us more favorable prices and feasible suggestions in transportation prices, which will minimize the customer’s freight expenses, and there will never be overcharges.

Portable plasma cutting package

We also have Gantry CNC plasma cutting machine with rotary device to cut metal tubes for option.

International Shipping Around the World

All of our cutting machines can be sent to all parts of the world by sea, air, international expFEDEX, UPS, etc. You are welcome to feedback your needs and we can provide you with the most timely and accurate freight quotation, as well as the most timely and reliable service

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