Ultimate Guide Of Portable CNC Plasma Cutter

What is small portable plasma cutter ?

The advent of small portable plasma cutting machines has changed some common sense in the welding industry.

These small portable cutters have significantly reduced costs and increased productivity thanks to iterative updates to inverter technology.  

Cnc flame plasma cutting machines use plasma cutting technology to process conductive materials, which are chip-free and very precise,

and often used for stainless steel and aluminum materials.

But before, plasma cutting machines were generally bulky and expensive.

Portable plasma cutters are designed to be light weight but powerful enough to cut most metals.

This portable plasma cutter is suitable for workers who travel between different locations

this portable plasma cutter is convenient for transportation on the job site or between different locations, and also saves logistics costs.

we take three photo for your reference.

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How does portable plasma cutter operate?

Handheld plasma cutter

operate on the same principle as regular plasma cutters, using a high-voltage arc and compressed air (oxygen, inert gas, depending on the material being cut).

The arc is generated by the internal electrode, and the compressed air is blown towards the workpiece at high speed through the nozzle.

The arc will ionize some of the gas, creating a conductive channel for the plasma, and the tip will generate a concentrated plasma arc.

When the plasma arc comes into contact with the metal product, it generates enough heat to melt the material to be cut.

here let us explain more about CNC Flame plasma cutting machine.

Compared with the oxygen cutting method, the cnc flame plasma cutting machine can cut stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium and nickel,

and the cutting surface is smoother and less difficult to handle.

the CNC flame plasma cutting machine has THC height controller which could manage distance between cutting torch and metal sheet during cutting process.

THC height controller for CNC flame plasma cutting machine is to eliminating severe edge bevel

The CNC flame plasma cutting machine has touch screen help to run machine to cut precision adjust its cutting speed or lead line or offsets.

The power of portable plasma cutting machine is smaller than that of conventional plasma cutting machine,

and the thickness of processed material needs to be evaluated before purchasing.

Generally, users who choose this type of cutting machine are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, DIY enthusiasts or schools

or your workshop space is very limited.

How to select reliable types of plasma cutter? (list)

how many different frame can you produce?portable plasma cuter maybe not suitable for my work.

please click here for more different types of CNC plasma cutting machine 

The following factors should be considered when you purchasing a portable cnc flame plasma cutting machine.

Size and weight

Now that you choose a portable device, you have a need for a mobile device. You need to consider weight and bulk, including with or without armrests.

You can worry less about this if you have a truck or other transport equipment to transport the cutter.

Compressed air

Some portable cutting machines do not have a built-in compressed air machine. When you choose this type of equipment, you need to carefully consider whether the compressed air machine’s output capacity meets the cutting machine’s requirements.

Air quality can affect cut quality and consumable life, generally choosing a 3 to 5 HP 60 gallon compressor will suffice for most cutting machines.

Power capability(plasma generator)

Generally, the working voltage of the portable plasma cutting machine is generally around 220V, and the working current is very different.

The power of the cutting machine determines the thickness of the metal that the cutting machine can cut, and you need to choose the appropriate power according to your needs.

Generally speaking, the optimal cutting thickness of the power supply must be 60%-70% of the limiting cutting thickness. For customers with high quality requirements, powerful cutting machine should be selected as far as possible.


The cost includes the cost of consumables, such as cutting tips and electrodes, in addition to the cost of purchasing a plasma cutter.

If you are just a DIY enthusiast or small business, you should choose more durable consumables to minimize the cost in this regard.

But relatively speaking, the effect of cutting will be affected, which needs to be selected.

to give one-stop service..We have large stock for plasma consuables for lots of famous plasma generator like Hypertherm/Esab/or something else.

click here to guild you to know more about plasma consuables like Nozzles/electrodes/wirl rings/retaining cap etc.

Plasma Cutter Welding Machine Applications

A portable plasma cutter can be used for a variety of purposes, depending on what type of project it is used for.

The following are common applications:

Building ventilation system removal

In order to replace or remove HVAC ductwork, traditional methods can waste a lot of manpower and money.

If a plasma cutter is used, all pipework can be cut and removed quickly.

Art statue

A large number of works in modern art are statues made of steel or other metals that require sharp cuts.

Hand Plasma cutter system can be used with steel anchors to cut bent metal.

Repeated production of large numbers of parts

Such as railings, decorations or other items that require a lot of repetitive production, you do not need to buy expensive large CNC cutting machine, just a portable plasma cutter and a piece of steel can be produced. Such items can be seen at any time in life and are in great demand.

Best Plasma Cutting Systems China Manufacturer

Allwin is a company specializing in metal solutions and has been in the business for more than ten years. We design, manufacture and sell all kinds of cnc flame plasma cutting machines, metal laser cutting machines, CNC router machines (4-axis CNC router or 5-axis CNC router), and have a large number of consumables for customers to purchase. You can trust Allwin, our customers are located in nearly 100 countries around the world, and we have service teams in more than 20 countries.

The portable small plasma cutting machine provided by All win is small in size, fast in cutting speed, excellent in cutting quality and high in durability of consumables. Besides, the price of it is competitive. You can learn about the performance and features of the product through this video. If you are interested in plasma cutters, feel free to  contact our sales to get the best quotation. We have sufficient stock and strong production capacity, looking forward to your contact.


Our products includes a number of CNC machinery fields, such as CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine, CNC flatbed cutting machine and other cutting equipment .with automatic touch screen and remote control.

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