New Style Portable Gantry Plasma Cutter

new style portable metal plasma cutter

Manufacturer of New style portable gantry plasma cutter at competitive price

The plasma control cabinet is separated from the cutting machine, 

new style portable gantry plasma cutter effectively reduce the impact of the gas in the cutting process on the human body; 

The remote control can effectively increase the convenience of control; 

The weight of the portable plasma gantry cutting machine is small, 

its easy to carry and move; small size, convenient;

small package with small weight Reduce transportation costs; 

portable gantry plasma cutter has larger cutting area.

New Style Portable Metal gantry Plasma Cutter Details

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new style portable metal plasma cutter Feature

The plasma control cabinet is separated from the cutting machine, it can effectively reduce the impact of the gas in the cutting process on the human body,,and while During operation, people do not need to move with the machine; 

The remote control can effectively increase the convenience of control;   The CNC plasma cutting machine can be operated by remote control, so that the plasma cutter operter can be far away from the plasma cutting gun, which reduces the damage of the flame to the human body and ensures the health and safety of the people.

The weight of the portable plasma gantry cutting machine is lighter, easy to carry and move;Compared with large heavy gantry plasma cutting machines and plasma cutting table, the mini gantry plasma cutter has small package size and light weight.   and while  small package size, transportation Reduce transportation costs; 

 Compared with the single-drive mini plasma cutting machine, the cutting quality is higher and the effective cutting area is larger. 

1 Model ALLWIN-2040 ALLWIN-2560
2 Power Source AC220±10%  50/60Hz 220W
3 Cutting Mode O2/C3H8 Or C2H2
4 EffectiveCutting Range(Mm) 2000mmx4000mm 2500mmx6000mm
5 Plasma Cutting Gas N2,O2,CompressedAir
6 Flame Cutting Gas Oxygen+Propane Or Acetylene
7 Beam WidthRail Length(Mm) 2000*4000mm 2500*6000mm
8 Speed(Mm/Min) 50-10000mm/Min
9 Flame
Cutting Thickness(Mm)
(Oxygen + Acetylene Or Propane)
10 Plasma
Cutting Thickness(Mm)
11 Move Precision ±0.2mm/M
12 Plasma cutting Torch Flame,
Electric Height Adjustment(±60mm)
13 Cutting System FANGLING F2100B    THC F1621
Beijing Starfire touch panel
14 Gas Pressure(Mpa) Max.0.1
15 Oxygen Pressure(Mpa) Max.0.7
16 Type Of Gas C3H8 C2H2
17 Emergency Stop Yes
18 Working Temperature -5~45℃
19 Power 8.5kw
20 Plasma Power 63A,100A,120A,160A,200A for option
21 ARC Untouched Arc Striking
22 Processing Materials Iron,Tianium plates
Steel Aluminum Sheets, Galvanized Sheets

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Cutting material and applicable industry

New style portable plasma cutting machine,Mainly used for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal materials;and mainly used in automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, petrochemical, and hardware industries, which can be adapted to large enterprises, small industrialists or DIY enthusiasts .

The new style portable gantry plasma cutting machine can be equipped with black wolf/p80 torches spare parts or fine torches. We can configure plasma cutting torch and plasma consumabless according to customer’s needs.

Depending on the plasma power source, the optimal cutting thickness is 3 to 50mm, and the maximum thickness can be cut to 100mm.


Cutting Capacity of plasma geneartor

China Huayuan PowerUSA Hypertherm Power 
Power supplyCutting thicknessPower supplyCutting thickness

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package and delivery for our cnc plasma cutter

All of our export machinery and equipment adopt standard plywood boxes after high temperature and high pressure treatment. The boxes meet the inspection standards of the United States and the European Union; the transportation method can be transported by plane, ship, or train according to customer requirements.
We have our own long-term cooperation transportation company, which will give us more favorable prices and feasible suggestions in transportation prices, which will minimize the customer’s freight expenses, and there will never be overcharges.

mini portable plasma cutter

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